Passing The Plate

July 7, 2008

Among the many, many details concerning guild structure, tools and features is the fact that guilds in Warhammer Online will be able to levy “dues” or “fees” upon their members. While there is no regular guild upkeep fee required by Mythic, they foresee these member dues as a way to cover features such as Keep mercenary pay (you have to pay the NPC guards) and other non-specified content.

My mind’s trying to sort out all the possible ramifications of possible guild fees, including:

  • People who will balk outright at joining a guild that requires regular, mandatory (not voluntary) fees from its members.
  • Guild dues being used as extortion — pay us or we’ll “kick you out”.
  • Guild dues being used as “country club membership dues” to the more prestigious guilds out there, possibly fostering resentment and bitterness from non-members, and an elitist attitude from the people who pony up the dough.
  • A guild feeling torn between the necessity of raising money to pay for features like keep NPCs, but worried that they might drive members away if they institute fees.
  • Joining a guild that has no fees, but throws them at you in the future after you’ve become quite established in the guild.

I don’t necessarily think this is a bad option to offer guilds, but it does strike me as a potential mine field of problems if a guild doesn’t handle them right.

What do you guys think?



  1. of course there will be problems and those that like to complain and wine because their in game currency has to go to the guild, but I like this feature.

    I paid money in WoW to help pay for repairs from raids so this is nothing new. As long as the fee isn’t crazy I’ll be okay with this feature.

  2. I think ‘all of the above’ is probably what will happen lol. It really is going to depend on each particular guild in how they handle it. But that will be another level of leadership bestowed upon guild masters and another thing to determine a successful or failing guild.

  3. One thing I liked about guilds in AoC was the taxation system, so of course I’m happy about this as well. πŸ˜€

    Like Brotik brought up, the repair costs in WoW were basically already guild dues without the guild actually making money from it. So, it shouldn’t be too bad, but I can see how it could be exploited.

  4. I see the problem as well, but no solution. I’m hoping that people who aren’t used to the idea (like WoW refugees) will grow accustomed to it after whatever inevitable griping they have to offer.

    If anybody has seen this kind of thing (automated or just guild-policy enforced) in another MMO, maybe they could share their thoughts?

  5. Even in games with housing or where resources were required to build things to the benefit of the guild I’ve never needed to go beyond donations.

  6. This can and happen to some guilds, but not all guilds will suffer this problem.

    If the guild fits your playstyle and/or you have some friends there, this “problems” might not be problems anyways. The people in the guild are more important than some fiscal stuff.

  7. I think this will probably work itself out. If your guild does things that require in-game money, it shouldn’t fall to the GM or officers to bear the financial burden. If you don’t want to pay, find another guild I suppose. πŸ˜›

    By the time you reach the endgame, you’re usually looking for a moneysink anyway.

  8. it would be nice if the tax of guilds would be 1% of the loot you get(provided its money). this doesn’t seem too much for the player to spend on and he/she would hardly feel the tax. if people are grouped up from the same guild the tax on that grouped will be shared and given to the guild the tax would be higher by 2-3% since a group of six can definitely kill faster than a single player.

  9. I think it’s a good idea. I’ve never been a big fan of handouts or asking for donations from the guild. I hate especially when someone in your guild asks for a “guild discount” on an AH item, especially when they play four times as much as you do.

    If the guild needs to spend money the whole guild should contribute equally.

  10. A percentage based tithing is something I think can benefit guilds with the respect to the members ‘pulling their own weight’. The members know everyone is contributing to the guild – proportionately. It’s not left to the dedicated members to pony up the extra cash to buy (for example) a replacement Standard. Additionally, the casual gamer can share in the glory of contributing to their guild, even if they can only login once a week.

  11. Actually I think that this system is smart. I dislike the whiners, beggers, and thieves that join guilds and expect immediate reward. If this is a disincentive to be in my guild then that is fine by me. I probably don’t want to hang out with you anyways since I would just be doing more work to carry you along the content too.

    Plus, if you think about it donation systems mean that some people are funding benefits for everyone. If everyone’s looting is taxed slightly that will provide enough for everyone, and everyone can benefit. It makes sense to me.

    If you are in a guild where the system is being abused, let’s say that everyone is taxed but the higher level characters get all the benefit, you should just leave the guild.

  12. You know Syp, Although I see all the problems you mention about guild dues, it fits the ip all too well. While all the different factions of order are all working for the emperor they all also fought with each other. There were groups who felt they were too prestigious to allow the common rabble into their ranks, etc.. I only use Order as the example as most people see them as the good guys who would never do this sort of thing, when in fact they are just as evil as the next guy.

  13. Never had to do it before, but don’t have a problem with it, honestly. And I don’t expect anyone in my guild (um yeah, did I mention I have one now) would have a massive problem with this system instead of donations!

  14. This is something that I am feeling conflicted about in regards to my guild. Although I am grateful to Mythic for having the guild tax tool in the game, just like you SYP, I have always been cautious when it came to in game guild taxes.

    For now I am still leaning towards voluntary donations for maintaining anything we might need for the guild, but if the costs do get to high, we might have no choice but to implement a mandatory tax for all members.

    On the positive side though, it seems that the most of my Regiment have no issues in contributing an upkeep tax, which makes me a very proud Regiment CO. πŸ™‚

  15. Remember, guild drama = player-generated content!

    But seriously, EVE Online had a percentage-based thing for corporations (that game’s equivalent of guilds). You could set the corporate “tax rate” and your members had that percentage of any bounties and mission rewards auto-deducted into the corporation’s bank account. I don’t recall anyone ever having a problem with it, it was just understood that corps with higher tax rates would have to offer something in return if they wanted people to join, like being generous with the replacements for ships lost in PvP combat.

  16. As I said in the article, I’m not flatly against it — just pointing out potential trouble spots with this feature. Personally, I like free-will donations as a system of guild fundraising. I’m willing to chip in, I just hate feeling like I have no choice in the matter, other than to quit the guild or stay.

  17. I think guild fees are an AWESOME addition to the MMO universe. If you don’t like the guild your in, or you think the taxes are too high, just leave and join another guild (you don’t need a citizenship to go to another guild in this game!).

  18. I think everyone chipping in would be a good idea, besides then you will know for those that don’t that their not really into your guild and see it as worth putting any effort in thus not a recommended guild member no?

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