Da Newz – July 3

July 3, 2008

Story of the Week: Guild Beta Begins

  • It was an announcement that was heard ’round the world… of guild communities. The very, very long-awaited guild beta was pronounced to start in July, with beta keys flying every which way to various guilds who applied. And yet… and yet Chrono Chaos was overlooked. WE SHALL NOT BE SLIGHTED!

Beta Ticker:

  • 752,553 (+8,950 from last week)

Quotes of the Week:

  • “I can’t say why but believe the hype for WAR. I’ve heard from plenty of trusted people that this game’s on a solid bee-line to success. Trusted by me anyway.” ~ JoBildo
  • “In truth, MMOG developers really haven’t seen anything comparable to this situation since the genre really began hitting its stride in early 2000. Even the competition between EverQuest II and the original release of WoW isn’t comparable.” ~ TTH on the WAR vs. WoW launch

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  1. how is it possible for Chrono Chaos, the best time traveling guild in the whole world, not be invited to the guild beta? better ready the delorean!

  2. damn it!

    Hop in the old C2T2 (Chrono Chaos Time Traveler)everyone…time to travel back in time.

    Our mission, you you so choose, is to become the Bill Gates of the 80’s and this time around we will OWN EA and guarantee our spot in the guild beta mmmwwwwhhhhaaaa!

  3. These posts by Syp are the single best roundup of WAR info from official and non official sources to be found anywhere, period.

    Great job!

  4. Great job recanting the last month of WAR news as always Syp. I can’t believe you guys at CC haven’t gotten an invite. Keep up the great work of keeping us all up to date. Also, Thanks for the shout up there. Let’s hope I get more than the 2 readers I have now.

  5. Thanks for the plug! 😀

    CC will get that invite, it’s just a matter of *time*

  6. I have no idea if this is true, but I heard a rumor that not a lot of bloggers get invites to the beta. If it’s true, maybe they’re trying to cut down their risk of leaks?

    For a long time, I was the only blogger I knew in the beta (and even now, Hudson is the only other one I know off the top of my head). I’m not well-known at all, and I also use a different email, contact info, username, etc. for my blog than I did for my WAR beta account, so there’s no way for Mythic to know who I am.

    And I don’t post beta leaks, so I hope the rumors of bloggers being shunned are false!

    It probably is false, but I enjoy a good conspiracy theory. Being disappointed at not being selected is one thing, but indignant tinfoil hat wrath lasts much longer 🙂

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