ChaosCast #3: Babies, Basically & Dolphins

July 2, 2008

It’s time once again for the awesomest podcast in the downtown Detroit metro area that has to do with Warhammer Online and various related snack foods! That’s right… it’s ChaosCast Episode 3!

Kick it back with Keen, Snafzg and myself as we chew through the following topics:

Listen to ChaosCast #3 here.

If you have any listener questions for ChaosCast #4, just put them in the comments section of this post!



  1. I actually have a question for each of you.

    Syp – Have you actually applied Chrono Chaos to the guild beta?

    Snaf – Do you think your webcomic will pick-up when open beta hits because the NDA will drop and you’ll have more artistic freedom to make fun of both the game and world?

    Keen – Do you have any features for your and Graev’s website planned for WAR, post-release?

    Aaaand, a couple questions for all of you:
    1. Are you going to try to play on the same server as one another?
    2. Do you guys plan to keep ChaosCast going through release and into the far future?

    Also, Syp, A+ on bringing the new guild tag-line into reality. You rock, boss.


  2. Very nice cast guys, keep it up!

  3. Great episode! πŸ˜€

  4. Your podcast blows! As in blows me away! I didn’t get to listen to all of it, but I will later tonight. By the way, you mis-spelled Garthilk’s name in your summary above! Off with your heads!!!!

  5. So basically, this was a great podcast. πŸ˜‰

  6. 20 elf ears to the first Chrono Chaos member who counts up all the “basically’s”!

  7. Hrrm, in the length of the podcast (and cos I’m too lazy by far to count, and to evil to lay by the rules), I guess 37

  8. LMAO @ “puddle of pee”

    ChaosCast would just not be the same without you SYP.

    Great job again you guys, it’s getting better and better, keep it up

  9. I counted 18 basically’s. What’s funny is that Garth was just about half of them. Also, I probably missed a couple, but it’s hard to concentrate on something you’ve already heard before.


  10. Awesome podcast again guys, I really enjoyed it. I’m intrigued at the discussions about RP servers (I may write about that next week).

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