We Are Winner! Ha Ha Ha!

June 30, 2008

Chrono Chaos really is the best guild ever, as evidenced by how easily they went all ninja-commenting on The Greenskin over the past 24 hours. And lo! And behold! Our assignment is complete:


Who would have thought that a meek, unassuming guild full of internet psychopaths and time traveling loonies could forge the future by shaping the past? Who, indeed! You guys rock!



  1. wheres my 20 elf ears! yipee!

  2. It’s not nice to gloat! 😛

  3. We successfully changed the time stream! Hooray for us all!

  4. Victory!!

  5. WAARGH!!! Powah to da Greenskinz!!

  6. Good news everyone! The timeline has been saved!

  7. In case you don’t read the attack post, Rombur came up with a great phrase, which I nominate as the guild tagline. “Anywhere, anywhen.” (With guild leader approval and express permission, of course)


  8. my time machine got a virus so I had to reboot it and then I was too late to post. I hope to be back in the booster seat again

  9. I second da motion.

  10. Anywhere, Anywhen…..I like it. The timeline is saved for now….but im sure there is a way we can muck it up later.

  11. I think that slogan can be arranged…

  12. Anywhere, Anywhen. That’s great and very applicable to the Chrono Chaos theme!

  13. Sign me up! I would love to join an active an fun guild like this.

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