Syp: The Interviewed

June 30, 2008

Because you don’t have 130 or so posts to sort through when it comes to getting to know the short and twitchy person that I am, Warhammer Alliance interviewed me as part of their ongoing series of WAR blogger interviews. Second to getting the nod from Larry King, I think this is the biggest brush with fame, fortune and free cookies that I’ll ever have.

So. Yeah. You can read it here.

(Thanks WHA!)



  1. I dunno, Massively has been linking to you lately; or do they not give free cookies? O.O

  2. You need to drink more Dunkin’ Donuts coffee – I run out of good reading material each day. 😛
    Keep up the good work Syp!

  3. *jealous*

  4. Syp are celebrity!


  5. Props to WHA and Syp for the great interview. I love to get to know the authors of my favorite blog’s, whatever the subject of the blogs is.

    And going off-topic: Where do I sign up for Chrono Chaos? I occasianally time travel IRL just for fun. I’m the person that went back in time and secretly replaced Paul Barnett’s decaf with the stronger stuff.

  6. Coffee. COFFEE NOW!

    I signed you up Trooper, welcome aboard!

  7. Gratz!

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