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June 30, 2008

I just finished reading an Elder Game article called “Taming the Forum Tiger” by Asheron’s Call dev and/or mod Eric, and I’m just blown away how completely he pulls apart the MMO forum landscape and lays it all bare. He calls it “the forum game”, where fans of a MMO can’t let go of the game when they’re not playing, so they’re always reading and posting and getting caught up in all manner of snobby little drama. The goal of the game is to elicit a dev response or influence game-making decisions or (in many cases) just trolling.

And this is key — very rarely are official MMO forums used for well-reasoned, informative posts. Those of us who have survived other MMO forums like World of Warcraft’s know how there’s about a 1:1000 ratio of great posts to “Why doesn’t God just wipe the Earth clean with another flood already?” posts of monumental idiocy. Forums take up gobs of time and resources and often sanity from the parent company, who most likely has more important things to be doing — like, I don’t know, making and running the game.

Please give this article a read, and then ask yourself if Mythic wasn’t brilliant for skipping the whole “official forums” minefield altogether.

P.S. – To those unofficial Warhammer Online forum mods out there, who do often annoying work for little thanks and appreciation from the community, THANK YOU. You guys are our heroes.



  1. i think its a good idea that WAR isnt making an official forums because forums just tend to make dramas and turn off players to their player classes (shamans of WOW for example)

  2. I really think it’s great that they’re avoiding official forums and have thought so since DAoC vs WoW in terms of community spirit.

  3. It will suck not to have a server forum to brag about your success on πŸ˜‰

  4. *sniff* I’m Syp’s hero. I’m proud πŸ™‚

  5. What’s nice about community forums is they aren’t really constrained by company policies, and rules. So it would seem it would be much easier to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Or in other terms, it would seem easier to ban the Asshats.

    Also, people generally take much better care of their own stuff than they do other peoples. Since they are community forums hopefully we will treat them better than the dumpster that is Blizzard’s WoW forums.

  6. I am un decided on the forum thing. While having official forums can be a wild and often stupid place, by not having them its leaving the door open to all the third party Warhammer Online forums to fill the void. These forums will simply explode with the same crazyness you see in official forums and worst of all, EA Mythic loose all control over how they are run and moderated.

    Will these un-official forums be worse? will they be better?

    Will they be under moderated or overly strict?

    Will they be biased?

    Will they fill their sites with adds and other anoying things?

    Just a few of the things Mythic looses all control over just to hand off the drama to someone else.

    Personally I’m already seeing examples of all of the above in seperate places I read and post on. In Warhammer Alliance forums I already have a warning for answering someones question who had posted in the wrong thread de-railing it somewhat. So because I answered the question I was deemed to have violated the rules and given a forum warning, despite my post being helpful. Yet posts after mine consisting of “lol wrong spot” were left there purely on the whim of whichever volunteer moderator viewed the post. (and thats not the only example I can think of by far)

    Sure forums are alot of work, but is leaving them up to volunteers, fans and money seeking web masters really the best idea?

    Hard to say.

  7. I think it’s easy to say — in game after game, the unofficial forums tend to be better-moderated and more mature as a whole. Without the dangling carrot of an expected dev response, trolling is cut down and the community polices itself. And Mythic has a myriad of methods to communicate with the public.

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