Chrono Chaos: Your First Assignment

June 29, 2008

As we seek to perfect the fuel mix to our flux capacitor, it’s not the time for Chrono Chaos — the most awesomeist pretend time traveling WAR guild — to rest on their laurels (laurels means “buttocks”). Nay! We must move out as a horde, striking forth in a bold attempt to alleviate our boredom.

So, Chrono Chaos, as your guild leader, I have a mission for you, which will be worth 20 Elf Ears* for any who succeed in it. It’s been long, far, far too long, since Snafzg has posted a new comic strip up over at The Greenskin. Since our Time Car is currently out of juice, we lack the ability to go back to when he was a tyke and put the proper fear of God into him so that he’d draw these on a regular basis. So we’re going to do the next best thing: pester him until he gives in.

20 Elf Ears for each and every post that you make on his most current blog thread, begging him (or threatening, we’re not picky) to get a new comic strip done. We will not relent, Chrono Chaos, until our will is made known!

Sally forth, and do the bidding of the time lords!

(* Elf Ears are Chrono Chaos currency, redeemable in the future for special prizes. Which I will make up in the past. And then send back to the future.)

Chrono Chaos Guild Roster [Est. 2008 A.D. – “Anywhere, Anywhen”]:


  • Brotik: Founding Father (20 elf ears)


  • Syp: Fearful Leader
  • Darkgobbo: Orc Translator
  • BMR: Lazy Cousin of BMX
  • Matt: Time Machine Hog
  • CunningB: Lunch Herder (20 elf ears)
  • DexterDouglas: Party On, Dudes!
  • Moxie: Yes, Ma’am (20 elf ears)
  • The Hammered: Making Awkward Comments Since 2008
  • Vagrant: Touched In The Head (20 elf ears)
  • Werit: Time Dwarf
  • Khaos: Momma-In-Law’s Boy
  • Lske: Guild Plumber
  • roXet: eXtreme eXcitement
  • Mekoia: Pimple Patrol
  • Qatol: Impossible To Spell In Scrabble
  • Din A3: AAA Quality
  • Regis: And Kelly Ripa
  • Johnny Walker Black: Uwe Boll’s Batboy (40 elf ears)
  • Medrin: Captain Fun-un-un (20 elf ears)
  • Scarybooster: Selfesteembooster
  • Kattz: Dr. Kattz
  • Paul: Oriel Oreos
  • Ramathorne: Day Dreamer (30 elf ears – 10 extra for the comic!)
  • Vort: He’s Got The Black Lung, Pop (20 elf ears)
  • James Taylor: First Names For Last Names
  • Dr. Worm: Not A Doctor, But A Worm
  • Crimetank: Treads Lightly (20 elf ears)
  • Smashydoom: Preemptive Strike
  • Across: Down
  • Slymie: Cutest Gross Name Ever
  • Arbitrary: Book ‘Em, Danno
  • Artean: Tonight We’re Sending You Back To The Future (20 elf ears)
  • Alex: Duct Tape Master (20 elf ears)
  • Sorain: Afraid of Only Kittens
  • Curien: He’s Got Our Back
  • Ran: He Also Walks (20 elf ears)
  • Tigaj: Jagit Backwards
  • DMNYO: Dynamo!
  • Betadan: Still In Closed Betadan
  • Stigus: Double Agent
  • Wingo: Bus Driver
  • JayDizzle: Fo Sho (20 elf ears)
  • Clash: Fashion Police
  • Trooper: He’s Super
  • Rombur: Death-Dealing Robot From 1815
  • Alanti – The Lost City of Alanti

To apply to the pretend time traveling guild known as Chrono Chaos, just post a comment to this article saying something like “I’m in!” or “Word up, g-dawg!”. We’ll know what you mean.



  1. The assignment is done! We shall show him how unfunny the future is, and then he will have to make a new comic!

  2. I wont to join the cooolest pretend time traveling war guild ever.

  3. I would love to hop on the time car.

  4. Have raygun; will time travel.

  5. This comment was actually posted 12 years ago by myself, as I have a working time car

  6. Sign me up, G! I’ve hidden my credentials in the far reaches of space-time for your immanent discovery upon finishing the time machine, traveling back to when I posted this so I can tell you where said credentials are hidden in the future-past of the present’s history. Wuzzow!


  7. Done. He has been told to continue the awesomeness.

  8. I would great master but it seems Snafzg has forseen the great coming of Vagrant and killed his server as preemptive measure. So if I downed Greenskin, where is my loot?

  9. Or I just can’t view the site from work, but the God of Proxies allowed me to finish my quest.

  10. Sneak me in, too, please.

  11. Fat-fingered my ENTER key before I finished my email. Not much regex happening on that form field. 🙂

  12. twist of the year: JT..IS James Taylor!11

    (was before i registered with wordpress.com) :O

  13. How can i not be in this crazy ass kick ass guild led by the craziest hello kitty loving guild leader?

  14. Word up

  15. I’m in!! i want to be a chrono chaos time traveling scooter riding bum!

  16. Snafzg make a new comic please!

  17. […] would appear as though Syp made me the first victim of his make-believe, time-shifty guild, Chrono Chaos! Members of CC were set upon one of my recent blog entries in order to guilt me into being less […]

  18. Assignment completed, and I do hope the threatened paradoxes gets us all a completed comic soon.

  19. Flux capacitor? Check!
    DeLorean? Check!
    1.21 Gigawatts? Check!
    Coolest time-traveling guild in the history of history? I’m ready to sign up, anywhere, anywhen!

  20. Holy crap! “Anywhere, Anywhen” sounds like a FANTASTIC tagline for the guild. Syp are you hearing this?


  21. Maybe i can get Dr. Who to go into the furture and bring back the comic

    Wait wasnt this a time travel guild?

  22. It’s probably too late because the Guild Beta has already begun, but I would love to time travel with Chrono Chaos. It has always been my dream to travel to the past from the present, which would then be the past, but really the future, and the past which would be the future and then the present, but actually the past. You follow me? Time-traveling ftw!

    P.S. Sorry if this is a double post, but my old comment seems to have disappeared.

  23. Im in! Choktzul my name. In case you couldn’t tell.

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