June Newsletter Part 2

June 27, 2008

Aaaaand right after I wrote that previous article, the newsletter plopped down in my inbox with some stuff I hadn’t yet covered.

The Guild Beta is officially announced to begin in July. This is, of course, a great sign — Guild Beta is the last major “closed beta” phase before the NDA drops and open beta begins. For those not in a super awesome time traveling guild such as Chrono Chaos, with access to the guild beta, you might be wondering why GB is such a big deal. Other than being a stepping stone to release, guilds are one of the keystones of WAR, and the wholesale inclusion of numerous established guilds to test the current guild tools is vital to seeing if this puppy will have legs. When the NDA drops, all testers will have voices, but a big-name guild will have a louder voice than most. If they come out as a group saying, “Heck YES we’re playing WAR come release!”, then it’s a huge PR coup for Mythic.

Another dungeon name is announced: Gunbad. Unofficial abbreviation: “Gun”. I love it. “Want to shoot the Gun?”

This item from the upcoming round of beta peaks my interest: “Real Time Website Updates with Character Profiles and RvR Stats.” I can speculate, but… I’d just rather find out more on this later.

We found out a month ago that the Magus would have temporary pet summons, a la the Engineer’s turrets. The newsletter expands on these a bit — Magi can summon one of three varieties of short-range daemons: pink, blue or flame.

The Archmage and Disciple of Khaine get career mastery explanations, but I’ll go into those at a later point, as I will the scenarios.

I actually started out thinking this was a poor man’s copy of earlier newsletters, but once I looked at the whole package, I’m actually quite impressed. I appreciate the glimpse into the guild leveling system, the BS dungeon (I know a lot of people were asking about dungeons, so good for Mythic to get that stuff out), and beta tester testimonies, as always.



  1. I’m stoked to see the Spore CC contest… might be my last chance to get into closed beta!

  2. Grr, I havnt’ gotten mine yet. I wonder if that wiley spam filter caught it again… *sigh*

  3. I was quite impressed by the screenshot they’re using for the caption contest. Skaven! And a rat ogre! (and I know this now cos I read some of the warhammer fiction, I feel like such a fangirl)

  4. I had the same problem on my WAR blog. the rss info hit and I made a post, just as I posted the newsletter hit my inbox. I am wicked psyched to see what open beta holds when we get in. I really like the BS dungeon, looks awesome with the new lighting models.

  5. I ❤ the artwork in this month’s newsletter. High-res concept art makes me all tingly inside.

  6. “peaks my interest” -> piques my interest

    Pique: To provoke; arouse: The portrait piqued her curiosity.

    Apart from that, keep up the good work.

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