Career Crunch: Dark Elf Sorceress

June 25, 2008

What’s more sinister than “night” elves? Why, dark elves, of course! Career Crunch returns for its fourth installment of this 24 part series.

Career: Dark Elf Sorceress

Brief Overview: Skimpily dressed, weak in defense, haughty attitude, powerful magix like you won’t believe. Also, pointy ears. Spock with boobs.

Think: If that Wiccan chick in class grew up into a haughty beauty, actually learned magic past Oregano seasonings, and could blow the crap out of you while leaving you with a smile on your face.

Movie Character: Every “evil” James Bond girl mixed with Elvira’s wardobe.

Abilities & Mechanics: Like the Bright Wizard, the Sorceress is a high-powered glass cannon with the bonus feature of being able to explode herself if she’s not careful. The more powerful dark spells will fill up an instability meter — which increases the likelihood of said exploding — while weaker spells allow the meter to deplete safely. Has very little physical defense, and relies mostly on long-range casting to stay alive.

Masteries: Agony (direct damage, balanced mix of unstable/stable spells), Calamity (DOTs, more stable spells), Destruction (AOEs, more unstable spells).

Rate My Interest: I think it’s a little odd that Mythic shoehorned in a male “sorceress” option, seeing as how Warhammer Fantasy doesn’t support that, and nobody’s going to roll a bikini-clad guy sorcerer when they can get the Swimsuit Edition version instead. Anyway, I’ve heard good reports that this is a fun boom-BOOM class to play, but it’s a little too straightforward for my tastes, and mage classes are favorite targets of melees for “easy kills”. I think it’s cool that they’re upping the damage potential for the class while balancing it with potential to hurt yourself — it’s an interesting design decision. 2/10

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  3. Career crunch more like a brief overview, doubt you’ve even played the career from reading what you’ve put my rating of you summary 0.1% out of a 100%.

    Thanks for nothing. I got more out of the instruction manual.

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