Guild Beta Incoming?

June 20, 2008

I normally save this sort of thing for the weekly Da Newz, but this seemed like something to bring up today — Champions of Stuff noted that in the newest “News from the Front” article on the herald, it looks as if they’re pointing to an immanent guild beta test. The quote he pulled is:

“The WAR has come to a climax as mighty guilds are called upon from near and far to aid in the torrential storm!”

As you probably know, the long-awaited guild beta has been a contentious sore spot with some of the WAR community, who anticipated leaping into the beta long before now. Will we find out more info with the June newsletter next week? Will ants stop invading my office? Who knows!



  1. Would be nice if guild beta finally started. Based on their current release target it would need to start fairly soon but I’m gonna guess it will be another month or so still.

  2. I was so excited to sign up foe the beta over a year ago I didn’t even think about the guild beta option. I do hope guild beta starts soon tho because once they get that phase over with we single beta applicants can get another mass invite before the open beta.

  3. Wow, didn’t even know they were beta testing things that specifically. Good stuff!

  4. Last months newsletter also said that this months would have guild beta info.

  5. @werit…and everyone else:

    I think the guild info in the newsletter will be in the form of a podcast, as Jeff and Josh, shared a little banter on that topic during the GamesDay Q&A.

    I’m think late June and early July are going to be all about guilds!

  6. I am always amazed how people can start guild months before a game is even released and still have that sense of community come launch day. As for guild beta for Warhammer, this is probably one the few MMOs that really needs to make sure guilds work on day one since Mythic is trying to reinvent how guilds function in a MMO, which is a great thing.

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