Random Thoughts Monday

June 16, 2008

It’s a bad omen for the week when your key gets stuck in the front door of your work and you have to call a locksmith to get it out. Or is it?

With 12 careers per army/faction, will 10 character slots per server be enough? Why not 12? Whyyyyyy?

How is Mythic encouraging races to cross over into other race/tier zones in order to promote conflict? For example, how are they encouraging dwarfs to go over to the empire newbie zones, how are they getting dwarfs to cross over into the greenskins’ areas, etc.?

I’m mulling over attending August’s Gen Con in Indy this year. Two birds, one trip: my family lives in Indy, and I’d get to see Warhammer (if I’m not already in beta at that point). Maybe I’d buy a fancy hat with a feather and put a big “PRESS” card on the side. Maybe we could start a new office pool to see how many WAR devs I can hug.

I’m kind of blown away that Mythic is already working (at least in the planning stages) of WAR’s first expansion pack. I don’t know how most pre-launch MMOs function, but this shows a lot of confidence on the part of Mythic and EA.

Since only about 16 of the classes were available for play at Games Day, what’s going on with the other 8? Retooling? And why the big hush-hush over the Black Guard.

Snafzg made an excellent point in the podcast — Mythic really does need to be promoting a lot more of the Order side of things and working hard on giving them as cool of a feel as the Destruction races.

It is very, very possible that today might see WAAAAGH!’s biggest day yet, in terms of visitors to the blog. It’s not so much ego (if you can believe that) as it is that I’m a total stat monkey. I love stats and charts and crap like that. Update: Yahoo! WAAAGH! looks to be topping 5,000 visitors for today, which is a number I would have seriously laughed at if you told me it would happen back in March (ah, for those 23-people-per-day views). Thanks for visiting and supporting this silly blog.



  1. I was super happy when we hit 50 visitors in a day.

    Big congrats on the 5k – that’s pretty damn awesome, but deserved.

  2. Grats! Keep up the great reporting. It is great to have a website that is a 1 stop read. I don’t have to surf my brains out to find articals.

  3. I love this blog and the other sites in your blogroll. Unfortunately my work restricts access to most of the major sites (waronline, waralliance, massively etc.) so I rely on these sites to keep me up to date with what is happening with WAR.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. love da bunnies buddy

  5. 23 visitors a day? that’s 22 more’n I get. =)

  6. First time i’ve stumbled across here and i’m sorry i didn’t find it sooner. Keep up the good work man.

  7. Woot! Grats on the 5K. You deserve it. Great work on the content and podcasts!

    BTW with regards to getting to a friendly startzone, I heard somewhere that it will take you about an hour of gameplay to get to a point where you’ll be able to traverse to other starting zones if you want. Again not sure if that is confirmed or not but someone mentioned it somewhere.

  8. You have to be a messed up dude to go for the butt of a chocolate bunny first.

    The increase is traffic is probably due to your classy WAR banner.

  9. finally someone who shares the same sentiment

    if you care to take a look :


    i rest my case after the left/right bashing

  10. on a semi related note to your 3rd paragraph

    check out my post on this page


  11. 5000 hits? Now there’s something I haven’t seen for a long time… a long time. [/obi-wan voice]


  12. This is one of my favorite WAR Blogs. Keep on keeping on Syp!!!

  13. Thanks for the congrats… just a fun day to watch the numbers go up. Of course, with great numbers comes great criticism, so maybe there’s something to be said for being unnoticed.

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