ChaosCast #2: Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

June 16, 2008

It’s time once again for the troublesome trio of WAR bloggers (Snafzg, Keen and myself) to get together and waste… er, spend three hours of a Saturday afternoon recording a Warhammer Online podcast, only to have Keen’s computer lose our audio files. Repeatedly. You have NO idea how many times we recorded the “what attracted you to WAR?” section, and how many iterations we went through. In one recording — this is true — we got into a detailed fantasy of saving Paul Barnett from a burning building and giving his mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Pity you missed out.

Listen to ChaosCast #2: Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By!

Have a listener question for ChaosCast #3? Leave it in the comments section!

Show Notes:



  1. I KNEW IT!


  2. Great ChaosCast again thanks!

  3. Someone just got outed.

  4. Great Podcast, even better than the first one (if such a thing were possible).

    Out of curiosity, where does one send questions for the ‘Blow Hole’ segment?

  5. Just put them here in the comments section, I’ll pass them along!

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