Lazy Saturday

June 14, 2008

So if you couldn’t tell by my recent WoW diatribes, I’m pretty much burned out on the game, and when that happens all you have left is a bucket full of cynicism and complaints. And rather than force myself to play and let my frustration seep into this blog, I’ve gone ahead and canceled my WoW account. This most recent stretch of WoW gameplay dates all the way back to a full year ago, when I returned from LOTRO to enjoy leveling up a hunter from 1-60.

I’m a familiar friend to Old Man Burnout, that is for sure. I suppose the fault lies with me somewhat — I love the leveling game, I vastly enjoy 5-man dungeons and getting new skills, but when the game stops at a point after you hit 70 and demands that you grind in whatever fashion you like for new items or gold, then I get bored. Here’s a thought: why can’t there be special skills at the end game that you have to work just as hard to get as an epic flying mount? I had a blast working to get my druid’s epic flight form, and couldn’t help but wonder why there wasn’t more skills like that in the game.

I’ll greatly miss both of my guilds and the friends I’ve made therein. Some of them visit WAAAGH! — hey guys! Some might even come over to WAR. And who knows, the craving might set back in later this summer, but with the relative dearth of new content in the foreseeable future, there’s little temptation for me to return.

So, with the summer stretched out in front of me like a big yawning chasm, what to do? There’s Mass Effect, which I’ve been puttering through, although it hasn’t seized me like KOTOR or other Bioware titles. I think it’s the combat, which is more console-y and far less RPG-y than I’d like. I also resubscribed to City of Heroes (again), determined to level a Mastermind to 50, then explore the two new villain epic archtypes that just came out in the last book.

And who knows? Fingers always crossed for open beta in August. That’d be swell.



  1. I actually just removed WOW from my PC this morning. Third time is the charm I guess. I canceled a while ago but now I have no desire to even want to attempt that game anymore.

  2. I finally cancelled WoW a little while ago. My account had been active since launch day. I played other MMO’s while my WoW account stayed active, but I finally accepted the fact that I was done having fun in Azeroth. I had a good time there, but it’s moved away from being a game I can enjoy on a regular basis. I don’t raid a lot, I don’t enjoy constant gear-upgrade treadmilss at endgame, I didn’t enjoy their PvP being separated so much from the rest of the game world, etc.

    I’m in the WAR beta, so that’ll keep me busy when the beta servers are open. In the mean time, I’m going to play the heck out of Civ 4 and Orange Box, until WAR’s released.

    I don’t think I’ll be checking out the Lich King expansion. I really feel like my time in WoW is done for good.

  3. I’m hoping to get a Wii to fiddle about with in the months before WAR – I have LotRO Book 14 to come in July it seems, but the last time I tried WoW it just lost any appeal for me past the new starter areas, and I’ve done those now too.

  4. I actually just re-enabled my WoW account, it’s been cancelled for about a year. After AoC was a disappointment I needed a fix of WoW. I don’t really level any more, just working on finishing getting my rogue and mage twink to 49 then battlegrounds some more. Twinks are the only thing I enjoy in there anymore. Other than that I’ve been doing a lot of CoD4.

  5. Geez man, I could have written what you posted on my little excuse for a blog. I feel the same way. I played wow for two years and there is nothing left for me to do there. Got bored with BGs after 5000 HKs, I have little time to raid anymore and I just got burned out on grinding rep and farming. A couple of my close guildies who I have played with for nearly two years went to lotro. I miss the whole wow scene, but don’t miss playing because there is nothing left for me to do in game. I’m hoping some of my guildies join me in WAR.

    I cancelled my wow account last month. It expires on July 16. Bitter sweet. I just can’t grind until WotLK comes out. But I do miss it.

  6. You punk!

    Hehe, j/k. It’s hard not to get burned out when you’ve been playing for this long. Have fun in CoH and you know where we are. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Welcome to the light! The money I got from my WoW account on eBay went towards a new piece of hockey gear and dinner with the wife. Probably the best rewards I ever got from that game! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I’ve been playing Guild Wars and its expansions since I cancelled WoW and am waiting for WAR. No subscription fees, you can find cheap CD keys online and download the client, and it is pretty fun, even if just playing by yourself. Reminds me of Diablo 2 in a lot of ways.

    You could also pick up a table-top game if you haven’t before — doesn’t even have to be Warhammer, there are a lot of good systems out there.

  9. I gave my WoW discs to my brothers and let them use (and pay for) my account now. I thought it was better than just canceling it. I’ve canceled it too many times to remember and always go back, hoping I’ll actually enjoy it.

    I do have a consistent LotRO membership though. I’m very happy with that game.

  10. Free at last! Free at last!

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