Bartle Me Up, Baby

June 11, 2008

After chatting with both Keen and Snafzg last night about gamer types, I went ahead and took the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology for the first time. I don’t put huge stock in personality or psychology tests, as a rule, but it’s an interesting tool to look at yourself and how you approach a game. For instance, I know from our talks that Snaffy is 100% into PvP and pitched battle. He’s miserable if he has to grind against computer enemies or engage in the “mundane” PvE game for very long. I think WAR will appeal to him greatly.

I knew, before taking this test, that I’m more of an achiever sort. I like the predictability of PvE combat and mastering those situations, I love having a “to do” list that will help me create the best character in the end, and I really enjoy just meandering all over the place and exploring stuff. Still, I have a pressing desire to level and better my character constantly, which cuts into the other areas at times.

Bartles says that I’m ESAK — Explorer 73%, Socializer 53%, Achiever 40% and Killer 33%. You will probably not fear me on a PvP battleground, but I’ll have fun being weird around you while you’re killing me nonetheless.

So how does WAR fit into Bartle’s test? It encourages killing, to be sure. Lots and lots of killing. Exploring, sure — the Tome will reward you for going off the beaten path and searching out lost nooks. Socializing, perhaps — this is the sort of player-generated content that depends on the maturity and social level of the game, but having such a strong emphasis on guilds and alliances will help. Achieving? Three words: Tome of Knowledge. So there’s something for every type.

Here’s the official description of the four Bartle profiles:

  • People with high Achiever scores tend to prefer collecting points, levels, treasure and accomplishments that set them apart from other players–or simply present challenges.
  • People with high Explorer scores tend to enjoy finding all of the unique areas of the world, often enjoying the immersion of the experience. Finding a place with unique monsters and seeing what those monsters do is usually more fun for an Explorer than defeating the monsters themselves.
  • People with high Killer scores prefer the player-versus-player aspect of any game more than anything offered by the environment. They often relish the adrenaline and challenge of pitting themselves against real players.
  • People with high Socializer scores enjoy interacting with other people, forming organizations, and finding cooperative solutions to the challenges within the virtual world.

So which are you? Take the test and share your results in the comments!



  1. Errmm.. 30 questions.. just to clarify that I’m a killa ^^

  2. KASE

    Breakdown: Achiever 53.33%, Explorer 33.33%, Killer 73.33%, Socializer 40.00%

  3. Apparently I am a SEKA, but the first 3 were really close together. And … uh … Unreal Tournament is the game that has most players like that.

    I roll to disbelieve!!

  4. EAKS, explorer as well. Asherons Call is apparently the game I need to play. Though E A and K were all between 55% and 60%

  5. Adam… agreed about the amount of questions. I have taken it in the past though. It seems to change for me as my answers are not always the same, depends on what kind of mood I am in.

  6. Killer 73.33%
    Achiever 53.33%
    Socializer 53.33%
    Explorer 20.00%

    KASE players tends to enjoy the PVP aspect most of all, but also likes to pit themself against all the challenges of the PVE environment as well–although the latter is often a means to an end. This type of player will often enjoy PVP that focuses on their skill as an individual contributor (duels, and so forth) more than team-based PVP.

    Means to an end indeed! 😀

  7. Achiever 13.33%, Explorer 46.67%, Killer 60.00%, Socializer 80.00%

  8. I’m an EKSA which is disturbingly accurate to how I play MMOs.

  9. KSEA. As I am killing, I talk their ear off and taunt them. After I kill them, I explore the dead corpse and mark them off on my revenge hit list. Achievment satisfied!

  10. Another ESAK here… give me a deep game with lots of places to explore and lore to learn, things to acheive and some fun people to run with and I’m good to go. 🙂

    Although it recommended Entropia Universe for me… Feh.

  11. That test is run through gamerdna.com, which used to be guildcafe.com. Many months ago I registered there with my WOW toon – singlemalt, thinking guildcafe was going to be a big deal and I wanted to simply reserve the name “singlemalt.” Ultimately, I found guildcafe to be lame. I really don’t get the site or gamerdna. Whatever. At least I have chicken.

  12. Achiever 33.33%, Explorer 33.33%, Killer 66.67%, Socializer 66.67%

    SKAE players enjoy teamwork and cooperation, but feel that the main challenges of a virtual world come from the other players rather than the environment. They enjoy forming groups and alliances that will pit themselves against other players–and they gain the most satisfaction when they defeat organized groups of other players. When they aren’t playing against other players, they enjoy all of the social aspects of the game.

    It’s spot on for me. 🙂

  13. KSEA players often seek out PVP in a game, but they are looking to socialize with and form alliances with other players who are interested in doing the same. They often seek out guilds or clans that organize formal PVP events, or work on group strategies and tactics.

    I guess that means I like to meet new people so I can kill them? Great, I’m a sociopath.

  14. Socializer 73.33%
    Explorer 53.33%
    Killer 53.33%
    Achiever 20.00%

    Woo SEKA!

  15. Achiever 60.00%, Explorer 60.00%, Killer 33.33%, Socializer 46.67%

    which means they marked me as AESK, but I could just as easily have been EASK. The only thing it got wrong for me was saying that I’d rather solo, which is totally untrue – the rest sounds about right (though I have moments of bloodthirstiness)

  16. EKAS– Explorer 73.33%, Killer 60.00%, Achiever 33.33%, Socializer 33.33%—see the world, meet interesting people…and kill them.

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