Office Pool: Open Beta Date

June 8, 2008

Ever since the dawn of time and the dawn of the corporate office, there have been office pools — mindless, fun bets on various subjects. Why not us? Let’s take a topic that we all have in mind — the fabled date of the open beta start — and see if we can’t prognosticate a bit.

This is how it’ll work: just leave a message in the comments section stating your best guess for the open beta start. Month AND day. One guess per person. And those of you in the closed beta? This is not for you, sonny Jim.

I’ll keep updating this post with the guesses, and when it happens… well, we’ll see who’s right and who was lucky. Who knows, there might even be a prize in it for ya!


  • DarkGobbo – July 4
  • Anonymous – July 14
  • Nostradomus – July 18
  • COS – July 29
  • Arbitrary – Aug 1
  • Suchey – Aug 1
  • Medrin – Aug 1
  • BloodnGlory – Aug4
  • Incognito – Aug 5
  • Gomf – Aug 4
  • DMNYO – Aug 7
  • Moxie – Aug 8
  • Syp – Aug 10
  • Xin – Aug 12
  • Bryon – Aug 15
  • Svoald – Aug 18
  • RJO – Aug 19
  • Scarybooster – Aug 21
  • Snorii – Aug 22
  • Eekanti – Aug 23
  • Bob S – Aug 26
  • Ardua – Aug 27
  • Wrenn – Aug 28
  • Sonny Jim – Aug 29
  • Steve – Aug 30
  • Daveturnbull – Sept 1
  • Bildo – Sept 1
  • Matt G – Sept 2
  • Johnny Walker Black – Sept 3
  • Traya – Sept 4
  • Thor 123 – Sept 5
  • Lepinski – Labor Day
  • Railith – Sept 6
  • Castigador – Sept 7
  • Drew S – Sept 9
  • Vayu – Sept 10
  • JayDizzle – Sept 11
  • Dave – Sept 15
  • Zypher – Oct 1
  • Mowowii – Oct 2
  • Elnan – Jan 2, 2009


  1. 1st August

  2. I’m guessing September 6th with a release on November 1st.

  3. September 5

  4. September 3rd.

  5. hmmmm…total guess, but I’ll say August 1st.

  6. September 15, 2008 (which is a Monday and gives the game two months of beta testing before release. /fingers crossed

  7. Aug 15

  8. I think the NDA drop is announced in the July Newsletter, Pre-order customers are invited to Open Beta around Labor Day and the game launches in early October.

  9. 21 August

  10. Hey Syp. Not to shamelessly plug my own site, but there are some interesting coincidences that point to a September release date. If this is the case (and there is a good chance I am completely wrong here) then we may have to rethink the open beta dates. Most major on-line retailers are announcing September release dates. I posted the links over at War Noob. Again, this could be old info on their web sites. But then again. . .

  11. I really think we’re going to see an October release at earliest, perhaps November. But yeah, we’ll see.

  12. I gotta, say, around the start of August is when it’ll start, gotta join the others at the 1st sadly(Totaly came up with that before reading those guesses fyi)

  13. Just to be different:

    Open Beta – November 1, 2008
    Game Launch – December 1, 2008

  14. What part of “those in closed beta may not participate” failed to grasp your attention, Snaffy?

  15. August 8th.

  16. Rofl… I don’t actually READ your blog! 😉

    My bad!

  17. Gonna go with September 1st.

  18. August 18th. Its a Monday when employees get back in the office from the weekend and allows for many college students to play 1 week before they go back to classes, hah.

    At least I can wish.

  19. DAoC origins server + 3 weeks.

    So….approx Monday Aug 30th.

  20. October 1st

  21. August the 12th

  22. I’m going to say that it’ll be out exactly in time for my birthday on September 9th.

  23. I’m gonna say August 28th.

  24. I’m going for Sept. 7.

  25. July 14th

  26. Aug 22

  27. Aug 26

  28. NDA drops July 29th…

  29. August 4th

  30. I think/hope it will drop on july 4th
    wouldn’t that be a awesome independance day gift?

  31. Sept 10th

  32. It will be released on July 18th


  33. I want September 4th. It would be a nice birthday present for me 😛

  34. Gamestop says you can pick up your preorder on Sep.23….so I’m guessing that the open beta will be about a month…placing the open beta start date on or around Aug. 23…

  35. September 2nd, imo.

  36. Im goin wiht early July. Just got an email from warhammeronline.com.

    “Now is the time for the best of the best to band together as one and clash against their enemies. Starting in July, these guilds and thousands of players will compete for domination in the great arena of the Age of Reckoning.”

  37. NDA drop …. I’m going to guess August 27th

  38. Jan 2, 2009…. I hope I am wrong but this game has been pushed backed to many times to think positive

  39. September 11 because thats my birthday

  40. august 7

  41. August 19th 🙂

  42. July 29th NDA is lifted.
    August 4th. OPEN BETA
    August 26th Release Date.

  43. August 23. I bet $1,000,000.00!

  44. October the 2nd ^^

  45. I’ll say September 1st.

  46. August 5th

  47. Aug 13

  48. August 19th for the open beta.
    let’s hope that it’ll open tomorrow because i just got my codes =D

  49. Well, Nostradomus got the WotLK beta right. 😛

  50. August 11th (2008)

  51. Sept. 30th, 2008.

  52. August 14th

  53. Aug 20 homies

  54. I beleive it’s going to go into open beta august 15.

  55. August 9th

  56. August 15th is my guess

  57. August the 15th!

  58. i’d say yesterday – but thats just wishfull thinking

  59. I say on august 15

  60. I say August 15th 😉

  61. sept 8th

  62. sept 32 ! x)

  63. September 3rd

  64. Although people with the open beta codes will be able to download the content on the August 15th they still have no official date on when you can start gameing, my guess is August 25th

  65. No matter what it will be August 15th, even if it’s just me sitting at my computer desk pretending I’m playing with my computer unplugged. That whole image thoroughly creeped me out, and somehow I still think it will come to fruition. For my sanity it better be the 15th.

  66. i believe…
    early september…

    head start will start on september 17, 11:59pm :X

  67. […] you a new post each and every minute for an entire day! — let’s see the results to our little office pool we had going over these two dates. We originally thought the NDA drop and start of open beta would […]


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