Now Who’s Cloning Who?

June 8, 2008

I think it’d be very, very easy for this blog to turn into a non-stop rant against WoW and Blizzard, especially in contrast to my hopes and anticipation when it comes to Warhammer Online. And that should never happen — WoW isn’t the focus of WAAAGH!, and WAAAGH! does not hate WoW. We just feel as if its day is passed, and a new dawn approaches.

[Cue angelic choruses against a night sky]

But… gah… when I read this, I felt my blood pressure shoot up a bit. Go on, read it. I’ll be here.

I really have to ask you guys, just so I don’t feel like I’m going crazy here — is World of Warcraft trying to head off WAR by copying it? A preemptive strike on creativity?

Now of course, WAR doesn’t have a monopoly on the whole “achievements” aspect, as City of Heroes, XBox Live and LOTRO has already pioneered the way. But WAR does seem on the verge of revolutionizing the achievement system with the Tome of Knowledge — something far more vast, detailed, interactive and rewarding than any achievement system we’ve ever seen. Along with RvR, Public Quests and City Sieges, it’s one of the cornerstones of the game.

So — if this report is accurate and not just a mild screenshot-molesting hoax — why is WoW just now throwing in an achievement system into the next expansion? It seems odd we haven’t heard of this beforehand, but it does look like it’s still in primitive development. On the internet, it’s easy to see corporate conspiracies in every nook and corner, but sometimes coincidences do add up into real evidence.

Here’s what I see so far: (1) Blizzard would be absolutely stupid not to see WAR as the first legitimate contender in the MMO playing field in quite some time. WAR has the backing of a major publisher, it’s not being rushed to completion, and it has incredibly good buzz and press. (2) Blizzard announced that an entire zone in the next expansion will be all-PvP, a la Warhammer Online, complete with cooperative quests and siege equipment and vehicles. (3) Blizz might, might be sneaking in an achievement system as well.

Would it be alarmist to speculate that Blizzard is deliberately trying to steal WAR’s thunder any way they can? It is possible and probable all of these factors are just coincidences — after all, the MMO field moves in the same direction like a school of fish — and the achievement system in WoW is purely bunk. But a nasty little part of my mind envisions Blizzard this fall saying, “Why do you want to try WAR, when we now have everything they have, and all of the content they don’t?”

Achievements? Really?

[More screenshots / yet more screenies / article at WoW Insider]



  1. This is an interesting development that kinda proves Mythic’s point of keeping a lot of their info under NDA. It’s pretty obvious that WoW is taking stuff from WAR. The real question is how much more would it steal if there was no NDA?

  2. I’m not worried, the people working on this aspect clearly won’t have the passion for it that Carrie has for her ToK. People will see the truth eventually about which is better. It does seem like Blizz is just trying to head off people that haven’t heard of WAR yet from leaving once they hear the features it’ll have by duplicating them. If people just look at the feature list they’ll say “oh I don’t need to leave WoW” even though if they were to try WAR they’d see it’s vastly different.

  3. Aug, 29th

  4. Whoops, left that in the wrong one Cause I’m a dumbass. Sorry, Syp.

  5. @Sonny Jim – That’s okay, I entered you in the right post!

  6. My blood hasn’t boiled over quite as fast as yours Syp but I do agree that related features keep popping up in the WoW circle. The sick and sad thing is, a year from now you will see WoW players claiming siege weapons, achievement systems, and 3-D graphics were pioneered by Blizzard (most of those not an exaggeration!)

  7. Like you say, WAR is not the first game to have included an achievements feature and Blizzard have always been adept at adapting successful features from other games anyway. (Even if it was possible to challenge the IP of a game feature in court, no one is going to take Blizzard to court, only EA could afford it and their case wouldn’t stand up because they didn’t invent the feature either.)

    I don’t think their achievements will be anything like as all-encompassing as the tome of knowledge.

    More to the point, WoW is busy splintering its community by encouraging smaller and smaller groups for raids and PvP/arena, and WAR is out there encouraging the whole realm to play together in public quests and huge PvP encounters. It’ll be different enough imo.

  8. Patchworking on features will never be as fully developed as someone who chose to add the feature all along and did it with love and with backing from the entire game development… or so I hope. Plus, I’ve heard quite a few people say that about WoW’s new PvP zone thing – that it’s just there for people considering WAR. We’ll see how it all pans out, but they would be stupid not to worry a little about WAR (except, like they need the money!)

  9. […] (the Waaagh blogger) notes that Lake Wintergrasp, too, may be an attempt to answer WAR’s engaging RvR gameplay element. That leaves the Public Quest element as the major distinction between the two games. If Blizzard […]

  10. It’s hardly a surprising move and something many people have speculated privately, but to have potential evidence? Very interesting. Nice grab Syp.

  11. My blood isn’t boiling, just simmering, and I hesitated before even posting this — it seems almost too easy to fall into the “conspiracy/rip off/war vs. wow” trap, and I hope I didn’t feed into that completely. I just think, if this report is accurate, that this is a development of note. I only reported on it because WoW Insider did, otherwise it would’ve been too iffy even for my tastes.

  12. Can you imagine the vastness of crap they’d have to put into their achievements system? WoW is probably the largest, richest, and most itemized modern MMORPG. That’s going to be an implementation nightmare.

    To have a truly good achievements system, they’ll have to plug it into everything, which I can’t see them doing before WotLK releases (unless they’ve already been working on it for years).

    We all know how well PvP turned out in WoW. Afterthoughts in most MMORPGs never seem too impressive…

  13. If anything this looks to copy LotRO more than WAR. WAR’s system seems far deeper and complex than that.

    Or if we’re really splitting hairs, they’re copying Xbox Live. 🙂

  14. This is really a non-issue. WAR does not have a monopoly on any gameplay systems. Is it really a surprise that WoW would want to integrate features of other games that their customers like? This should keep other guys improving their achievement systems, so yay 🙂

  15. Get over it guys. WHO is a radically different game from WoW. It’s not better or worse, just different. I will end up playing both… though, WHO will get more of my attention.

    One shouldn’t be looking at this as a competition, that one game will break or beat another. One really should only focus on making a great game and so far Mythic and Blizzard are doing just that.

    What I would like to see is a discussion about subscription fees. The problem for any game will soon be how to attract and hold players that are already deep into another game, $15/month x multiple games adds up quick. In my case I have 4 WoW accounts (Mine, Wife’s, and the kids). It’s hard for players to drop a game that they have played for a long time… alternate subscription models are needed. Like early adopters get lower rates or life-time memberships (LOTRO), limited access payment models like $5/per 10 hours with a maximum of $15/month, etc. I don’t approve of the external market. But, if Blizzard could get $5 a month from me so I can run some dungeons on the weekends with my friends there, it would mean I don’t have to cancel WoW while I play WHO ($5 is more than $0). And that goes for WHO, if I can play it for less money it makes it a lot easier for me to change games.

  16. I really see this as more of a LotRO kind of achievement thing than a WAR Tome of Knowledge thing. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  17. The subscription topic is a good one, Frank — I agree with you there!

    There’s two reasons I wrote this: (1) WAR has been, and will be compared ad nauseum to WoW — I think it’s interesting to examine whether WoW should be compared to WAR, especially if it’s trying to crib its features, and (2) the timing of this feature. Why now? Why not when LOTRO or XBox Live made this system popular? I think there’s an argument to be made that Blizzard does see the Tome system as a genuine threat to their own PvE game, and is taking steps to counter that.

  18. Overall what blizz does to WoW is not that important. WAR is going to get people who want to play something else anyway the number of people convinced to stay by that would be small, either you like WoW and you will keep playing it or you are burned out and looking for something else.

  19. Syp…

    I think the comparisons between WAR and WoW are usually way off base. AoC and LoTRO are more similar to WoW than WAR is.

    As for the timing, WoW puts out every 1-2 years? Achievements have just become really popular on xbox live and lotro within that time period. Blizzard seems to have a wait and see strategy with new features. With their position, they can afford to do that.

  20. I agree, but that won’t stop people comparing the titles, at least not until WAR releases and shows whether said comparisons are valid or not.

  21. The comparison will happen, yes. But the timing for this just happens to coincide with WAR. If WAR had been released on time, it would have been leaked afterwards. I think the timing coincides more with their upcoming expansion than anything else.

    They learned from LotRO and Xbox Live that people like this and started working on it. Some would say the Tome of Knowledge came more from that than as an original idea in its own right. It is much more robust and interesting, and is its own thing at this point, but that comparison will also be made.

  22. Let me ask you this — do you truly believe that Blizzard, as a competitive company, isn’t scoping out the upcoming competition and doing everything in their power to keep their game at the top? Because if they’re not, they’re lazy and uninterested in keeping the lion’s share of the market. And if they are, why wouldn’t they see what the competition is doing, evaluate whether its worth it to implement in their own product, and go for it if so?

    I’m not a Blizzard hater, but I find it kind of naive that more people don’t see that company as a *company* (as we should also see EA Mythic) that would do very company-like tactics. Domino’s Pizza came out with delivery service first, and other pizza chains followed, in order to hold the tide of pizza buyers from storming over to Domino’s exclusively.

    Whether this system will actually happen is a matter of much debate. Where Blizz got the idea — after all, they’re a company that borrows liberally from many other sources and perfects, but rarely originates — is difficult to pin down. But if they are doing it, if it is going into Lich King, then you can’t say they’re blind to the fact that it will take some of the wind out of the sails of WAR… or, at least they would hope.

  23. I noticed in a WoW artical (can’t remember where)somebody posted WotLK was comming out in October. To me this shows they might want to take some of WAR’s thunder. I wouldn’t be surprised when WAR anounces a release date WoW will trump it or make theirs the same day, but I am bettin on the trump.
    It doesn’t matter to me. I am going to play WAR. I’ve played WoW since open beta and just quit playing it. I love WoW but I don’t like the level 70, level to 80 and 90,100 ect.
    WoW’s open world PvP failed with plaguelands and buggy land so now they trying something different like WAR. I don’t know if it will be better because I won’t play it. As for the siege equipment, well WoW was suppose to put that in from day 1. Houses, and gem slotted weapons were suppose to be in game too. WoW might be adding stuff because of the WAR hype but making 1 billion+ a year on players and secretly making new MMO (I might play that one), I just think they know they are going to lose lots of people and the newly added stuff is hopes to soften the blow. AoC might took some of WoW and with WAR on it’s way their 10 mil peak might be dropping fast.

    ” The sky is falling! The sky is falling WAAAGH! WAAGH!”

  24. If it takes any wind out of WAR’s sails it is Mythic’s fault. That would mean WoW did it better so more power to them.

    Of course, the Tome is not going to make or break WAR, but it will contribute to the whole picture.
    WAR seems to be concentrating out putting out some quality systems, like the Tome, rather than matching up bullet to bullet with other games. Wow has other aspects they have to work on, so this strategy should suit WAR well.

  25. If these acheivements are going in at this point and actually make it into the game, one would have to ask just how well it’s going to be done. Putting this into the existing WoW would likely take much more time and effort than designing it this way to start with. I tend to think that WAR’s version will be better and more in-depth.

    My question is, will any of these be retroactive? If not, how many long-time players (like myself) are going to want to have to go back and run old stuff to get the acheivements? On one hand, it might be good motivation to go back to the old-world and BC things… on the other hand, once folks get into Northrend they’ll be too busy leveling and getting geared up to mess with acheivements. I would see this as being an afterthought, after folks hit 80 and get bored again.

    OR… option #2… Play WAR and start fresh with all the unlocks. 😉

  26. I think the Tome will be hands-down better. As for WoW, it is probably just what you said — it’s popular in CoH, Xbox Live, LotRO…so it would likely make a good feature in WoW as well.

    For most people, they’ve done WoW. Most WoW players have played multiple classes, done the raid thing, done the PvP thing, and it’s time to move on. I don’t think WotLK is going to change that — it’ll be largely the same experience with bigger numbers, which I don’t think people are still looking for.

  27. I see no reason at all from a business standpoint why they wouldn’t try to bully everyone out of the pool. They have been at it for a while anyways, just like EA versus Ubisoft

  28. Personally i wouldn’t be surprised if this was indeed a copy of WAR, i’m no Blizzard hater, but it’s no secret that Blizzard have been taking ideas from the Warhammer game for many years, this is well before WoW and WAR, Warhammer invented the green orc, before then it was LotR style orcs all round. This would just be another copy in a long line of copies.

    However i can’t see this being a major issue for WAR’s sales, and it won’t soften the blow to WoW. As has been mentioned, the system is nothing new or ground breaking, you certainly wouldn’t play the game just for that feature, it’s just a nice little something extra. Ultimately i believe it will come down to how many hardcore fans WoW has, like Warhammer it has a cult following, and anyone who would try to claim WoW as a superior game would be lying to themselves, in this case it is simply a matter of age, WoW is getting past it’s time and people are moving on to shinier, newer things. This copying business will have next to no effect upon how sales are going to pan out once WAR is released.

  29. Diablo and some other games are ok. WoW was ok before The Burning Crusade (personal opinion). Only recently, however, I have learned Blizzard have immitated lots of things from others like Warhammer and such. I knew this already, but knowing it for real just makes me believe Blizzard are cheap and lame.

    Blizzard, you suck.

  30. Well if you ask me, it’s not what blizzard is including/changing that worries me, it’s waiting for war to be released and what to do until then.

    Just strengthens my choice to play war, and btw I never ever played wow. I just call it MoM for short now 😉

  31. I agree with you when you say WoW is cloning of War i mean point i like WAR better because of the following

    War is one goal war en having fun doing that at your way of playing like a hobby

    WoW has it in 2 ways you have war and the story line so PVE with raids, they just made pvp for money aswell as arena( Warhammer’s skirmishes) its a complete rippof to other players who try to conquer a realy hard boss to some noob who plays 1hr arena a week and gets sick gear.

    what i hate the most of WoW is the fact they have loads of players and money and they are still able to make such ugly tier sets and they just make it change colors because its damm cheap and easy and ofc not time consuming.

    MY opinion = WAR ftw!! let the player decide whats best

  32. I Agree with Robert on some aspects, but i also look at it in another way.

    WoW- is a Company in itself

    It is doing whatever it can, in the cheapest way possible to get more players/retain the ones they have.

    I believe that on the other hand WAR is trying their best to make a game that will be for the players, not just for the money.

  33. Truthfully i see how everyone is defending WAR over WoW. But really all it is, is a last ditch effort to save their franchise. The fact of which one will be better is hands down WAR’s and doesn’t really matter. All that it does is makes Blizzard look desperate. And what a good job it did. Lastly, i feel more people will flood to either AoC or WAR just because they are new and somewhat revolutionary. That said once again Blizzard’s precious World of Warcraft is soon to be in the history books.

  34. I would have to also cite almost the entirety of the WotLK expansion.

    The expansion announcement comes well after the development of WAR. That in itself says nothing. Blizzard’s choice to go with a northern wastes, artic theme (Chaos anyone?) with similiarly themed gear and factions led me to believe the expansion is a counter attempt. The chosen release date (currently) is about 2 months after WAR comes out, just long enough to let peeps try it then be taken right back to the “new” content.

    Then they added siege weapons and public quests plus a trying to pioneer a stronger world PVP focus, which is funny, because WoW has blatantly destroyed world pvp forever (no drops from king killings, BGs and arena to take pvp out of the world, keeping pvp rewards outside of arena below what you can get in one to two kara runs…)

    Adding the achievement system and a “pvp” zone are blatant as well, in my opinion.

    But I don’t boil about it. the fact is, WoW fails, miserably, at all things pvp, and has, for years. They fail. Miserably. I don’t feel threatened, and will be giving WAR a very fair chance to steal me away from WoW.

    BTW – the rune system for the death knights reeks of the “slotted” abilities of morale in WAR as well. Just saying.

  35. Last I saw the zone wide pvp was taken out and reduced to a 15 vs 15 man arena. Blizzard however imo, has reduced its glory to “Badge World of Casual Craft” It has dumbed itself down so much that it is no longer nearly as fun as it used to be, and it has gotten simpler with each patch.

    I think a great many people will see this, and move on, but not everyone. It won’t kill the franchise, but it will certainly take an arrow in the leg.

  36. I’m not worried either, ’cause even though Blizzard is big, EA is ‘the’ biggest and got the most money. And second, Blizzard is going to work very hard to get the expansion out in a date near WAR’s release date. So they are under time pressure, while I heard in a WAR interview that if WAR ain’t great at fall, then they won’t release it before it is great. So Mythic doesn’t seem to be under a pressure at all.

    I also liked what Mark Jacobs sayed in a interview concerning WOW in comparison to WAR: “I like competition” 😀

  37. WOW looks like it is going with everyone else. WOW was one of the general trailblazers for mmo’s now that others are getting ahead WoW is trying to pull up. With the last patch of the sunwell island that looks a lot like something in war with public quests just saying

  38. Seriously. are we really disscusing this? i had thought that it was common knowledge that Blizzards 2 biggest games (starcraft and WoW) are almost direct rip-offs of the warhammer/ warhammer 40k lore. zerg=tyrinads, protoss=elder orc=greenskins etc, etc. there is now doubt that Wow is going to do everything in its power to match the onslaught of account cancels because of WAR – in fact i, and many of my friends started playing WoW becasue it reminded us of the warhammer universe.. I dont think this will effect sales at all – blizzard having made games that have just been takes on others ideas (pvp sytem a juiced up version of DaoC) will dystroy itself as it always had in the past by patching to compete and change balance until the game isnt even the same game it was 3yrs ago – most think that is a good thing, but i belive that its the simplisity of the overall game play and not the little bells and whistles that are added that make a game great. like i said Blizzard is patching to compete where WAR is trying to change the way we veiw mmo pvp and community. as far as trail blazers Blizzard is by no means a trail blazer – except making mmo a part of pop culture, wow has just done what others have done and tweaked it, put another lable on it. and called it there own. im definatly going over to WAR screw WoW, its community, and the people that are stupid enough to BUY content that was promised to them from the beginning.

  39. […] don’t miss Syp’s articles about MMO cloning and bad guild names over at […]

  40. Interesting discussion fellas, but there is nothing at all wrong with Blizzard trying to improve WoW over time, which is something they have done. They have always wanted to make PVP better and are continuing to try to do so. All these games have similar mechanics, so arguing over who had whatever idea first is pretty lame. We could all sit here and say that everyone has copied Ultima Online, then Everquest, then….

    Wrath of the Lich King looks to be a great expansion and I don’t think WoW will take much of a hit in subscriber number at all when it comes out. They create better dungeon crawls than anyone now with bosses that require varied tactics unrivaled by the other games on the market. Eventually when people see most of the content in WotLK they will move on, but Blizz will continue to be the forerunner with WoW because the game is simply better than the rest is isn’t showing signs of complacency. We should be mad if Blizz was NOT trying to improve WoW. I believe that Warhammer has some serious flaws from what I’ve seen, so I don’t know if you guys are being defensive just like the Vanguard crowd was. We know how that game turned out.

  41. WoW what? Who cares….lol WoW’s time is gone if it ever had a time..lol Look they could’nt get it together the 1st time, and I don’t see Blizzard getting it together now, and I’m waiting for Warhammer to go live. I already Pre- Ordered the Collectors Edition, and just looking forward to playing Warhammer….the real game : )

    The PLayers will decide which game is best, and once they try Warhammer Online…lol They’ll say WoW what? Never heard of it..lol

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  43. WoW was at its best before BC came out imo. I lvled 2 characters to 60 before BC. Raided a warrior through MC,BWL,AQ40, and 6 bosses in Naxx. I sold my account for 650 dollars the week after they announced the lvl 70 Cap. MMO’s shouldn’t be a grind or a life drain. WHO is making sure that this is not going to be the result of there game.

    After not playing MMO’s for 2 years, WHO has caught my interest 100 times more than WoW ever did, and it hasnt even been released yet.

    Yes there will be “HardCore” players who have the best gear, best reputations, and are capped to the max. But 1on1 they wont overpower the casual player. Being a family man this becomes very important.

    So everyone per-order to show support and get ready for some clashing and some major RVR battles because I think mythic has created an amazing ride for everyone.

  44. I think its great. It’s a grand example of the free market in action. Company A creates a feature. Company B, wisely, adopts said feature and makes improvements on it (Yet to be seen in this case, but lets be patient). Company C…. you get the idea.

    The winner in all this feature-robbing/improving scenario?

    The Player Base. As long as MMO developers are trying to win our loyalty (read BUCK$), we the players stand to profit from better game design.

    Great article, Syp.

  45. I think no matter what Blizz does, similar or not, it will never be the same game WAR will be. In EVERY attempt by Blizz to integrate PvP into thier PvE world, the players always found a way to farm honor etc and skip the whole spirit of the PvP content. Everyone playing WAR will be going in KNOWING it is an RvR game with light PvE aspects. Better players to fight……..better game……end of story.

  46. Blizz has been stealing from the warhammer fantasy and warhammer 40k universe for awhile, green orks, zerg=tyranids, burning legion=chaos legion, and this is just to name a few.I know this is off topic since it does not pertain directly to WAR the video game.

    It just irritates me that Blizz is trying to take the wind out of WAR sails with what will likely be half baked additions to a game that is past its expiration date. Blizz just come up with your own ideas.

  47. This is what I can say for WoW A.K.A Waiting on Warhammer…..Dearly Beloved we are gathered here to lay to rest WoW. For they are best remembered for their Sins against RvR, and for non deliverace of PvP. so now I commend them to be forgotten, and for their Sins I condemn them to their fate. May Gamers have no pity upon their souls.

  48. […] is doing a great job of covering news about the upcoming MMO), and Syp, who writes over there, says his blood pressure rose just a little bit when reading the news that achievements might be coming to the World of Warcraft. […]

  49. […] is doing a great job of covering news about the upcoming MMO), and Syp, who writes by there, says his blood pressure rose just a little bit when reading the news that achievements might be coming to the World of Warcraft. […]

  50. […] is doing a great job of covering news about the upcoming MMO), and Syp, who writes over there, says his blood pressure rose just a little bit when reading the news that achievements might be coming to the World of Warcraft. […]

  51. This summed it up for me, from above:
    “If it takes any wind out of WAR’s sails it is Mythic’s fault. That would mean WoW did it better so more power to them.”

    At the end of the day: if WoW were to imitate *everything* in WAR, would it pull it off better?

  52. I don’t know how old this topic is, but yeah, everyone has heard of at least 1 game WoW has ripped off in one way or another, I don’t find it any stretch of the imagination that this is just another.

  53. […] Age of Reckoning (WAR) are simply the latest developer to put on in their MMO. Some gamers have speculated that Blizzard decided to put an achievement system in WotlK as a response to what WAR is doing. On […]

  54. I’ve been playing WoW since first release (before that FFXI since NA release, and my first was DAoC). I’ve play the absolute WORST, most difficult to level MMO in the history of MMOs (rivaled by Lineage, but still worse in it’s own way). WoW was a great game when it came out. Those that played it enjoyed it until it got REALLY popular. Then everyone started playing it, then the devs started making “everything fair”.

    PvP is jacked, and they can’t fix what they’ve ruined, raiding is jacked and they can’t fix what they’ve ruined. They’ve single-handedly given the casual gamer a virtual handjob, whilst boning the hardcore MMO gamer between the cheeks.

    Blizzard is copying WAR because WAR is the first significant threat to the Blizzard Empire since it came out. Think Back:

    EQII: As bad as the first with a few new bells and whistles that weren’t that great.

    Guild Wars: You get what you pay for.

    LOTR: You expected a decent game after all the crap they’ve been putting out?

    D&D: “You feel the looming thought that you wasted your 40 bucks at GameStop…..again”

    Vanguard (self-proclaimed wow-killer): Buggy, poor content, low replay, need I continue?

    Will WAR draw all the WoW players away? Probably not. Keep in mind that 4 million of WoW’s 10 million are a load of cake-eating sissies in the MMO world, why would they stop being a king in a panz world? A significant portion of the other 6 million are chumps from foreign countries, and another significant portion are all the Asians that have nothing better to do than capitalize off of kids with credit cards (5 bucks says the economic crisis we’re having concerns the 2 billion dollar RMT business.)

    Question: Does WAR have anything to worry about?

    Answer: Absolutely not.

    Those that want to play WAR will play WAR. Those that don’t, wont. 200,000 paying players, and a total of $1,000,000 in game sales over 2 years is more than enough to launch and sustain an MMO.

    Besides, WAR is getting better coverage than WoTLK in gaming magazines. Not everyone sucks a 40 inch frozen Blizzard ****.

  55. You cannot criticize Blizzard because anytime a business feels threatened by another business, it will try to implement some of its competitors ideas. Such is the case with WoW. Even though they might be putting in some new PvP content, I still think that WAR is going to set a new standard for PVP MMO’s.

  56. Erm…just to let you guys know this aint real :S Blizzard have confirmed that, so keep ur socks on

  57. War has nothing to worry about, even if blizzard “dupes” everything War brings to the table, people will still want to play War, simply because it’s a different game.

    Blizzard has done so little to truly expand WoW (and why should they, at this point they can $h!t in a box and make money) that even the “expansions” still feel like the same old crap.

    In 4 years (assuming WotLK drops in Nov.) and 2 expansions all they have really done is raise level caps and add 1 class… They might have polished some aspects of the game, and added new dungeons and area’s, but overall it’s painfully similar to what it was on day one.

  58. […] all, two of my most widely-read posts were stories I snapped off the cuff and ended up being circulated like nobody’s business, […]

  59. […] is doing a great job of covering news about the upcoming MMO), and Syp, who writes over there, says his blood pressure rose just a little bit when reading the news that achievements might be coming to the World of Warcraft. […]

  60. As far as I’m concerned, Blizzard can steal whatever they want – It’ll only make the game better.

  61. […] on March 2, 2010 There were quite a few “similarities” from Warhammer that started popping up in talks about Wrath about the time that years Blizzcon.  The first time an entire zone would be dedicated to PvP, […]

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