Massive Overload

June 6, 2008

I started writing a superlong article analyzing all 15 or so new posts at Massively concerning their trip to Mythic and quickly ran out of steam after about the fifth piece. I’m sorry, I know you all expect me to be superman, but I’m more like his dog (who could both fly AND lick his own genitals). So instead, here is a list of the 40 most interesting tidbits from all these posts! In no particular order!

  1. The Magus will get summonable demons (with limited movement).
  2. The possibility of us moving into open beta is set at a minimum of “one month”.
  3. The “Old World Armory” (items) is one of the last sections currently in development for the Tome of Knowledge.
  4. There will be Tome unlocks for having your city statue destroyed, completing a public quest without wearing armor, and for killing guild leaders.
  5. WAR is described by Mythic as “hardcore”, so they’re focusing hard on making it easily accessible to the casual player willing to learn.
  6. You can have only one gathering and one crafting skill; you can’t have two gathering or two crafting skills.
  7. Crafting can result in both criticals and “supercriticals” — ooh, I like the sound of that!
  8. Talismans are magical because your characters *believe* they are, not because they actually are.
  9. The contested city instance is 48 v 48 players for capital city warfare.
  10. There’s a suit of armor that you can earn only through doing PQs in an enemy city.
  11. Capital cities are laid out in a way that will allow designers to go back and add more to them later!
  12. You will be able to visit a capital city as early as level 7-8, but some sections of the city are closed off until you’re a higher level.
  13. In Altdorf, there’s a traveling troupe of actors that wander through the city and put on shows!
  14. Cities have programmable events/looks for certain occasions and seasons.
  15. There’s a PQ in a city that’s nothing more or less than a BAR BRAWL!
  16. Alliances are formed from up to 10 different guilds.
  17. There will most likely be an out-of-game guild component to keep guildies up to date on news and events.
  18. The icons available for guild heraldry number in the “hundreds”.
  19. Standards can only be wielded by select people in a guild.
  20. Mythic’s first office was actually two condos, one across the street from each other.
  21. Each career has its own unique UI design!
  22. Goblin shamans channel two types of Waaagh!: Mork and Gork (not Mork and Mindy?).
  23. Shamans have 28 spells and abilities to choose from (including masteries).
  24. The UI ring at your character’s feet always points to teammates and objectives.
  25. Items and gear can actually increase your spells and skills above level 40.
  26. Instead of cloaks, Engineers have backpacks and Black Orcs have backracks.
  27. The Engineer has at least three types of turrets to place, including machine gun and flame.
  28. Other Engineer tricks include healing ale, barbed wire and land mines.
  29. You can make your character dizzy if you spin the screen too much.
  30. Engineers can get a huge sniper shot skill at the end of one of their masteries.
  31. A Chaos Marauder’s mutations have different graphics for the same mutation.
  32. Marauders get — pretty much — a grappling hook ability to suck enemies right up to them.
  33. Squigs can fart!
  34. White lions can catch an enemy and toss them back to their master with a flip of the head.
  35. Rune Priests can bestow temporary abilities on classes that normally couldn’t use them (like tanks using healing skills).
  36. Chosen can have up to three dread auras up at a time.
  37. Everyone at the end of a PQ gets a roll for good loot, but those who participate more get roll modifiers.
  38. You also build up “influence” for PQs, which will eventually unlock good loot from nearby vendors.
  39. “Public Quests are raids without the bullcrap.”
  40. You can participate in scenarios even at level 1 — and be effective.


  1. very nice summary of a ton of info

  2. Once again you pulled off a great post. Nice and simple to read quickly and get all the great stuff to look forward to thus fall. I guess Mythic just announced a DAoC origins server slotted for release prior to WAR. A lot of speculation on forums as of why. Thanks again for the artical. Superman always envied his ball lickin’ dog… all those powers but no glory…

  3. I’m liking the idea of being a Rune Priest more and more =D

    Thanks for all the work, Syp.

  4. Nice! If you played any other MMO before you will appreciate how fantastic this stuff sounds. #21 and #26 sound very interesting. Not so sure about #29. #34 – too cool!

  5. I wonder how many people will name their Maurader Scorpion or “Getoverhere”?

  6. […] the rest of the tidbits at Waaagh! Blog Posted in Community News, Fansite News, General News, Warhammer News | on June 9th, 2008 by […]

  7. I’ve seen the podcast relating to the voices being recorded for the game and read as much as I can from Massively but has anyone heard anything from the various news sources, such as Massively, about the emote voices within the game at all? For example, if I choose a specific class, will the emote voices be set or can I choose from at least a few different voices so as to add some more uniqueness to my character. I know most MMO games don’t do this (due to the costs and time involved) but be cool to see, especially from a roleplaying perspective.

  8. Great work! Good job *thumbs up*

  9. I believe the latest number posted over a WHA by Jeff Hickman for the contested city warfare is 72 vs 72, not 48 vs 48. In any case it will be a something along the lines of X times 24 (warband size).

  10. boring….

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