HAHAHA… Suckin’ Them In

June 4, 2008

Before I forget, the other night I logged on to World of Warcraft only to have my guild leader, Moxie, tell me she was pretty upset with me.

What now? It couldn’t have been the hit I put out on her dog, that sort of thing takes time.

“Because of you and your stupid blog,” she said, “My husband and I just dropped $300 for three WAR Collector’s Editions.”

“Um… you’re welcome? I’m sorry?” I replied. Moxie had been a Warhammer tabletop fan back in the day, so I didn’t feel too bad at prostelitizing WAR to her. “How come three?”

She paused. “Because we’ve learned our lesson from WoW — we’re buying an extra CE to sell on eBay after they’re all sold out.”

Smart cookie. Yay, they’re coming over to play WAR!

P.S. – They couldn’t resist, and the two of them bought a fourth copy as well.



  1. Hehehe, we might sell them. It depends… we’ve also used CE’s as prizes for server-wide contests (in CoH) and given them away/sold them to guildies. Never hurts to have an extra in your pocket, just in case.

    And yes, I still blame you entirely.

    But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 😉

  2. Viral marketing 4tw

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