Wave of Wikis

May 30, 2008

Okay, answer me this — months before the game is actually released, do we really need so many Warhammer Online wikis?

Let’s count ’em up so far: HammerWiki, MMO Wiki’s Warhammer, Conflict Wiki, Warhammer Geek Wiki, and now WaaagHead is doing a wiki. And I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a couple more.

It’s like we’re on some weird sort of reality TV show where contestants line up and say, “Hi, I’m Bob, and I have a wiki! I think it’s going to be the wikiest wiki of them all!” and by episode three he’s sobbing in a corner, snot dribbling down his nose, whining about how the others “just don’t get me”.

I’m certainly not putting down any of these sites, but the question remains: why do we need so many wikis? Unlike blogs and fan sites, wikis are pretty much one-shot dealies. A central location, people from all over dump info into it, and voila! We as a community are served and satiated. Having so many makes me feel like I’m being pulled between five parents, repeatedly asked who I love more. Having multiple WAR wikis isn’t a wealth of resources for me, personally — it’s a slight annoyance I can’t just go to one place to find it all.

In the end, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be one main wiki for Warhammer, like there is for World of Warcraft and other games. So how do we judge which wiki comes out on top? Sheer content? Slickness of interface? Highest promotion? How many more wikis must be born only to die a shriveled, neglected death months later?

Couldn’t we, as a WAR community, band together to support one wiki and make that the best darned MMO wiki in the world?

I guess I can dream.



  1. I have to say, I don’t use wikis much at all, have visited the lotro lorebook once and tend to find things I need in forums and fansites.. I didn’t quite realise there were this many wikis, but agreed, it’d be much easier if they could be centralised somewhere. Means I might check it out!

  2. I’d guess interface + content. I’d guess a wiki with slightly less content that was easier to get at and navigate would trump over a wiki with more content but a terrible nav. And content is ultimately kinda moot — whichever comes out on top will eventually be revised to contain all the info anyway.

  3. This is a question I’ve been pondering as well. The only conclusion I could come up with is that they’re all starting one up in hopes of becoming THE ONE wiki to rule them all. As you say, there will be only one or two once the dust settles.

    The more interesting question is what is motivating these people? Traditionally, you don’t monetize wikis, so is it for their ego? Plugging that wiki into a broader business venture?

    Not saying ego is bad… that’s what 99% of blogs are about! πŸ˜›

  4. As running one of those wiki’s, I can probably say it’s a popularity contest. We tried to make our wiki a little more unique then the others but I guess time will tell to see how unique it really is once the game launches. At this point they all can only contain roughly the same information since the game’s NDA has not lifted yet.

  5. Again — not bashing any of the wiki sites out there. If you truly believe you can do something great and better (or different) than everyone else, more power to you. I guess we’ll see how it goes, but I just thought it was weird enough to comment upon.

  6. The ball is in play, so set back and see who will be the winner!!

  7. You missed the Wiki that Warhammer Alliance is working on. It’s probably one of the oldest wikis, just that’s it’s closed to the public. So, there’s 6.

  8. In some respects, the number of wiki sites is a bit ridiculous, but then when you consider how easy it is to set one up it’s no real surprise that there’s a ready of supply of people who want to give it a go. Just like WAR forums, or even WAR blogs… πŸ˜‰

    As for motivation, I do it because I enjoy it and I get a small amount of satisfaction from improving people’s understanding of the game and the Warhammer background. The nature of a wiki doesn’t really lend itself to ego-boosting, because unless you’re infallible, someone else will inevitably come along and re-write all your contributions.

    And Garthilk, I won’t have you stealing HammerWiki’s thunder – we were _definitely_ the first WAR wiki around πŸ˜‰

  9. While HammerWiki is the oldest and probably biggest, some of the other wikis (ie: the ones that didn’t just lift content straight from us – not that that’s illegal or in breach of an agreement … just in slightly bad taste) have some great original content.

    But yeah, the whole thing just splits community efforts. I just wish people wouldn’t be so divisive. One awesome wiki is better then ten average ones. I wouldn’t actively try to make a wiki fail, but it’s just sad to see everyone not working together.

    I guess we’ll see what happens – in the meanwhile it’s only the community that loses, really.

  10. […] September 12, 2008 A long time ago, in the wilds of May 2008, I asked a simple question: do we really need so many Warhammer Wikis on the internet, and which one will become the accepted st… I left the question unanswered, mostly because at the time the beta information was tip-top secret […]

  11. You have a very valid argument retaining to wikis, but in my defense, wikis aren’t just what it used to be.

    Yes that information can be submitted by the users but does not mean the site itself does not have their own authors and can contribute information to it. I am 1 of the 2 admins operating WAR tumeroks, we do not rely heavily on public users to create the wiki but more of a touch up to the information we lacked to provide.

    We could’ve easily created the fansite with maybe another cms, blog, forum but then why do we need so many? You can say our wiki is still another fan site but is still our own 2 cent of knowledge.

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