Squig Express I: First Blood

May 30, 2008

Squigs: half-flesh, half-fungus, and all passion for correspondence! As the Pony Express delivered the mail across great barren distances in the wild, wild west, I too will attempt to bridge the enormous gap between Q and A (15 letters) with the aptly-named Squig express.

Alex asks, “I’ve been trying to find out the level of difficulty the multitude of 6-man dungeons the Devs said they would have for rank 40 characters, and I’ve found a bit of info on that. However, I can’t seem to find info on how expansive these dungeons might be. I’d hope they would have some that take a couple hours, or more, to get through. Have you come across any info on this subject Syp?”

Yay! My first question, and I’m going to be completely unhelpful! I think we’re in the same boat man — I haven’t heard much more than you. I assume 1-3 hours, but I would be glad if they kept them under an hour, had “save points”, winged sections or at least a variety of dungeon run lengths.

On second thought, after looking at your question, you might be trying to trick me. The absence of a comma in your last sentence turns the question into “have you come across any info on this subject Syp?” — as in, what can I tell you about the subject known as “Syp”? Well, Alex, quite a lot. Cursed with Italian genes, I have hair shooting out of every crack and square inch of my body. I like root beer floats, techno remixes of kiddy songs, and my office probably has more toys than most 3rd graders. Does that help?

Snafzg asks, “How do you maintain your dedication to blogging about a game that is still far(ish) away from release? Fame? Fortune? Fun?”

…Says the man who’s been blogging about WAR since October 2007. You tell me, Snoozg, you tell me. As married men, it can’t be for all the chicks, so I think it must be because it helps ward off the insanity of waiting. Or it makes it even worse.

Medrin asks, “Are you gonna announce which server you will play on on release? And as whom? So we can stalk you into the game world.”

“So, Syp, are you now regretting starting a blog?” “Considering that you have me chained up in your freakish hellhole of a basement with mutated monkey slaves, Medrin, I’d have to say, ‘yes’.”

I probably will. We’ll see. Just look for the dead corpse on the ground, possibly softening the long hard march for the enemy army with my spongy mess of flesh.

Idris asks, “If you go squig herder, will you name all your squigs? (I would!)”

If that is an option, most indubitubly! Since WAR only looks to have two pet classes (we’re not going to count Engineer/Magus for this purpose), it’d be a shame if they didn’t allow us that simple pleasure. I love naming pets in other games, especially City of Villains, where my Mastermind had six guys to torment with my bad puns. Alas, poor Ensign Redshirt.

Keen asks, “*cat picture pose* Can I has a beta invite?”

Cats are demons spawned from the sixth level of hell itself, and are thereby barred from applying for the Closed Beta (see “rules and exceptions”).

Tombaugh asks, “Okay mate I’ll take you up on it. Why do you think people compare WAR to WoW when they should be comparing it to DoAC?”

When it comes to RvR, people should most definitely be comparing WAR to DAoC, I agree. That’s the only other game out there that even has RvR. Yet is it really fair to compare WAR to DAoC in all aspects? No offense to the game, but Dark Age is pretty old for an MMO right now, and is showing it. It comes from a time period pre-WoW, where the grind was steeper and stupider, the interface far less refined, and the headache of botched expansions and imbalanced classes roamed freely.

I think people naturally compare new things to the current best thing on the market — at least, subjectively to them. When you date, you don’t keep comparing your new girl or boyfriends to whoever you were seeing for a week in junior high; your standards keep raising. WoW, for better or worse, lifted the MMO bar for most everyone, including other MMO devs. It’s natural to want to compare to see where the new boy might excel.

Idris asks, “Do you have a preference towards a certain server type?”

The good answer here is, “Whatever server my friends are on.” I have two guilds’ worth of friends I’d love to see in WAR, plus a lot of the new friends I’m making in the WAR community. I’ll try not to alienate too many people by saying something stupid like “RP servers are a big honking joke and serve only as bait to keep the weird fringe people from intruding on real servers”, but I shan’t. Probably core ruleset — I’m going to want to quest without being ganked from time to time, and I’ve never enjoyed PvP servers on any other game.

That’s it for this week’s Squig Express — leave a question in the comment section to have answered next Saturday!



  1. I’d totally name squigs too, if I wasn’t going to go Order on a RP server ;p (what can I say, I’m a RPer at heart and that’s how I got into these games to start with). I met my friends on RP servers, but we haven’t really discussed plans for WAR yet – it’ll be either core or RP but in Europe, of course.

  2. I’m pretty sure they plan on having RP servers, which is what I’ll be playing on. Not that I’m a LARP-fanatic, but I tend to gravitate more towards a mature audience.

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