WAAAGH!: The Official Stance On Everything

May 19, 2008

Wondering where WAAAGH! stands on the issues vital to WAR and MMOs? Read on, but be prepared to have your mind cleansed by the awesome power of logic, sense and sensibility!

WAAAGH!’s stance on Real Money Trading (RMT), Gold Selling and Power Leveling: It kills me people actually debate this like there are points to the “pro-RMT” side, similar to how someone might try to defend the KKK or the Ebola virus. Our stance is that the people and companies who do this are parasitic vermin who help to corrupt the in-game economy and balance, offering unfair advantages to people willing to pay more. As for the purchasers of those services? You people are playing a GAME. If you don’t want to play it, don’t pay people to do it for you, because that’s just sad. Really. Sadder than sad. Clown sad. RMT, Gold Selling and Power Leveling should be pursued and stamped out — with a vengeance — by MMO teams (preferably with dogs with bees in their mouth, and when they bark they shoot bees at them).

WAAAGH!’s stance on Role-Playing Servers: If this sort of thing is your bag, fine, but we know that 90% of most RP servers merely tolerate the serious RPers (yet don’t join in themselves). We also know that trying to police these servers is nigh-impossible and people who get their panties in a bunch because someone else doesn’t have the appropriate level of apostrophes in their name is due cause for pity.

WAAAGH!’s stance on the Hardcore/Raiders vs. Casual catfight: Hardcore fellas? Knock it off. Casuals are the VAST majority in these games, and without them no company would have the resources to make the very game you want to dominate and excel. Realize it’s okay for others to have a different playstyle and don’t look down on them for it (or their gear). Casuals? There’s something to be said for having to earn all of the rewards in a game, and even though some of the upper upper crust stuff will be untouchable to you, its existence gives players a place to progress to, instead of a stone wall. If others want to play to be the best, then be content with where you are and don’t whine about it.

WAAAGH!’s stance on Ganking and Corpse Camping: Facts of life in the PvP world, but it doesn’t mean we have to meekly accept them as okay. People who play PvP vindictively, cowardly and immaturely have small genitalia and an even smaller sense of honor and worth. Yup, I just delivered a blanket judgment, and it felt good.

WAAAGH!’s stance on No Official WAR Forums: We 100% support Mythic’s call on this one. Official forums degenerate quickly into a frenzy of loud-mouthed imbeciles who congregate there like a school of hungry fish looking for someone — anyone — to pay attention to their diatribes. Let fansites take care of the forums, which frees up the WAR team to have more time to work on the game and get involved with the community in more structured formats.

WAAAGH!’s stance on Being Told How To Play My Class: If I’m making gross errors or overlooking a skill combo that could vastly improve my own gaming experience, then I really don’t mind if a more experienced player gently sends me a /tell to ask me if I don’t mind a little advice. That’s the proper and only way I ever want to hear anyone try to tell me how to play the game. The rest of you backseat armchair quarterbacks? STEP OFF. I don’t care if you have a thousand level 70 anythings, or if you’re the developer personally responsible for the creation and evolution of that particular class. I loathe being chided for not playing “right”, and people who try to do this are often mercilessly mocked and subsequently ignored on my part.

WAAAGH!’s stance on Being Overly Impressed With Yourself: Listen, we all are very much into whatever character we’re playing. We have a good reason to be excited when we get new gear or accomplish something cool or figure out how to be a more effective fighter/healer/tanker. It’s a natural extension of that excitement to want to share your happiness with others — and that is well and fine, as long as it’s done in moderation and in the right spirit (i.e. not bragging, just wanting others to share in your joy). Yet when I’m grouped with someone who starts boasting about all their class abilities — as if they, personally, designed them from scratch — and how their gear is the uber-elite-ultra-awesome, then my eyes descend into deep pain as they roll uncontrollably in their sockets. I don’t care, Mr. Fancy Pants, about how your gear is so much better than mine. I’m not listening, Ms. Suck It Down, because I’m actually trying to help my team instead of boosting my epeen or whatever the kiddies are calling it these days.



  1. A very nice post, Syp. 🙂

    I wish I could add my own insight on the topics discussed above, but you covered things quite well. So, at the very least I can say good job, because we all like to here that ^_^V

  2. Danke!

  3. RPing if fun, but yeah, people need to “get” those servers, I love it when I brake character on them for the sake of us not dying, and getting yelled at(usually by a hardcore friend >.<)

    People who really wanna RP know that the best way to do it is with a few beers and some die lol

  4. IMO, there’s no justification for RMT if it violates EULA. As far as RMT otherwise, there are reasons for it… I’d never use Lvling services as why would I pay someone to play the game for me, but gold and such… I just don’t want to spend the very little precious gaming time I have to try to make money. That’s what I do all day, and this is to get *away* from that.

  5. I don’t brag about my gear, do I?

    BTW, you need to cast that one spell more, noob. The one with the fire.


  6. Not picking on you or anything, Wraith, but that argument (for gold buying) doesn’t hold water, and here’s why. Using real world money to bypass game barriers that others have to plow through unbalances game progression, and ultimately defeats part of what makes a game a game. An in-game money barrier is there for a reason, the same for why mobs have hit points and why it takes time to travel from point A to B. It couples time with challenge, and once you start removing those elements in the name of making a game quicker — for you — then you really aren’t playing the same game the rest of us are. And if you’re really that hard up for time, you should be playing a different kind of game altogether.

  7. You mean that if i have only 1 hour a day to play i should only stick to Tetris?
    Am I expelled from MMO Paradise because i don’t procatrinate all day? (Or i certainly don’t have time to?).
    Now THAT argument doesn’t hold water, my friend.

  8. MMOs are time intensive, and that’s a fact. If you don’t have the time to put in to a particular title to get out of it the fun that you want, and ultimately feel the need to find a “shortcut” to the content other people have earned the hard way, then no, you shouldn’t be playing that game. Period. There are plenty of very casual MMOs that reward the one-hour player, and even the more intensive MMOs have made huge efforts toward reaching out to the ultra-casual player so that they can achieve a goal in very little chunks at a time. There’s no excuse, other than “I’m lazy”, to buy your way into the game experience you want.

    Going back to my main point, when you truly have to earn an achievement/item/whatever in-game versus just plopping down a credit card to get it quickly, it gives that item worth. Because you’ve *earned* it. This is a real world principle as well — kids who are handed the keys to their daddy’s Lexus on their 16th birthday will never appreciate that car as much as the kid who has to work hard and save up enough money to buy a car of their own. That car will invariably have more worth than the Lexus.

    I feel this any time I’m playing a single player title and I turn on the “God” mode. Suddenly I have everything I want in that game — invincibility, ammo, items, what have you — and for a little while the game is enjoyable. But that quickly wears off because the challenge, the barrier is gone. I’ve bypassed it and no longer have to earn anything in order to enjoy the content.

    I’m really not trying to bash anyone here, and I do sympathize with limited gaming time. I think there are MMO titles that do have a lot to offer one hour-ers, and I include WoW and WAR in that. My wife only plays WoW about an hour a day, and she’s gotten up to 70 with a decent set of gear.

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