Warhammer: Condemned By Fire and Other Happy Thoughts

May 16, 2008

Today, on an extreme whim, I swooped by the only comic store in the area and picked up a copy of Warhammer: Condemned By Fire #1. I’m not a huge comic book reader — not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I don’t want to drop $4 on something I’ll be done with ten minutes later — but this copy is significant for two reasons.

One, it’s a good quick primer to the tone and atmosphere to the Warhammer universe, which I deem a good asset to my Warhammer education.  The story itself concerns a Witch Hunter, who I imagine speaks with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine voice, and his merry trip into the village of the damned.  The story is quite short, but nicely drawn.  My only complaint is that some of the action looks a little too “cartoony” for my tastes.

Two, each of these issues has a special scratch-off code which you can use to apply to enter the Warhammer Online beta.  Closed or open beta, I’m not sure; the only clear answer I got from brief scouting is that the deadline to use this code is May 31.  The code only gives you a 20% (one in five) chance of winning a coveted beta slot, however.

So now my beta account is all but screaming for acceptance.  Applied for the beta?  Check.  Amazon.com CE pre-order open beta code that, for some reason, is still in there even though I canceled my order?  Check.  GameStop pre-order code?  Check.  Comic code?  Check.

I think this might be an excellent substitute for actually playing WAR: trying to see how many ways I can apply for or attempt to win a beta spot.



  1. No “Veteran WAR Newsletter Subscriber?”

  2. Nope, guess I haven’t been subscribed long enough.

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