Career Crunch: Chaos Chosen

May 14, 2008

In the second part of our… um… 24-part series, we’re breaking down the Chaos Chosen career for you — will it become a main, an alt or a storage unit for tuna fish?

CAREER: Chaos Chosen

BRIEF OVERVIEW: A chaos god worshiper with way, way too much armor (fused to his body, no less), the Chosen is Chaos’ tank class — mighty, hulking, pointy. Uses heavy shields and massive weapons to do gobs of close-range melee damage. He basically makes World of Warcraft’s Death Knights pee their armor in submissive shame.

THINK: A Panzer tank on two legs with limited spell casting.

MOVIE CHARACTER: Jason, from Friday the 13th — stripped of humanity, a giant hulking slaughterhouse, extremely hard to kill.

ABILITIES: Can don Chaos Armor, the heaviest armor in the game. Shield-bearing. One- or Two-handed weapons (swords and axes). Some spell-casting. Can taunt.

MASTERIES: Strife (offensive melee sans shield), Retaliation (uses shield and wears opponent down), Discord (focuses on spells and auras).

MECHANIC: Chosen are granted dark spells that can harm enemies and provide a temporarily aura boost to a player’s power. Certain abilities will only be usable when a certain aura is up. So Chosen get a very simple combo chain: Aura –> Ability.

RATE MY INTEREST: 6/10. My personal preference in MMOs tends to be (going from highest to lowest) Pet Classes > Hybrids > DPS > Healer > Tank. Tank classes have a lot of work to win me (and I assume many others) over to their viewpoint. I think the Chosen is a great step in that direction: the look is spectacularly evil, and the ability to weave auras and spells into combat gives a standard tanking role a bit more spice. I very well might roll one of these come fall, and you can bet I’d be mastering in Discord.




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  2. Pfft, Discord??

    Retaliation is where it will be at(Though, I almost exclusively play tanks lol

  3. Remind me of the reaver in DAoC. But obviously with heavier armour and better weapons…

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