Whatchu Lookin’ For, Willis?

May 12, 2008

As we careen into the salad days of summer 2008 and enjoy the last few months of freedom before Warhammer Online sinks its addictive claws into our brains, your craving for WAR info is undeniable. In the absence of a game to play, you start scouring the net for your next “fix”. So, in this scenario, I guess I’m a drug dealer. I can’t wait until Google adds those two words to their search engine in relation to this blog.

You should be happy to see how much the WAR community has exploded over the past few months, going from a handful of blogs and sites to an ever-increasing empire of content. Although we here at WAAAGH! do mention these other sites — in Da Newz and on our blogroll, mainly — I’d like to give a little promotion to them in the hopes that you might discover something useful and relevant that you previously overlooked.


When there’s breaking news, and you just gotta have it that moment, you should first read up on Massively’s Warhammer coverageTen Ton Hammer’s been doing an excellent job at getting exclusives, so they should be your next stop.  Then pop over to Chaos War Host, Warhammer Alliance, WAR-RvR.net, Warhammer Vault, and Warhammer Geek, where they have you covered. Only-WAR.com doesn’t go all out on new news, but every so often they boast an exclusive piece that is worth your read. Of course, you should always be checking on the Warhammer Herald, but that’s just common sense.

Skewing more to commenting on the news and other issues (like yours truly), Keen & Graev’s Gaming Blog is certainly wordy when it comes to whatever might be floating through their minds. Likewise, The Greenskin has fun poking around in the WAR universe, and Warhammer Gamers is not shy about sharing an opinion.

I know I’m deliberately neglecting several foreign language sites, and I’m not doing that out of cultural ignorance or spite — just the thought that if I, personally, can’t read them, then I can’t vouch for them either. But I’m sure they’re heaven with a bit of sugar on top.


Although their duties (hehe… duties) keep them largely occupied, both Josh Drescher and Paul Barnett occasionally jot an entry into their personal blogs.


Although it appears to have been defunct since January, A Touch of Tentacle boasts 24 comic strips to check out. Keen & Graev gave us a brief taste of their WAR comic Goblannoyed, but we’re still in a holding pattern there. The Greenskin is all about the Orcs and Goblins in his comic, which is definitely worth a read. Finally, I’ve been very impressed with The Secret Life of Mobs, which comes out every couple weeks or so.


Chatting ’bout WAR is a great way to pass the hours and build up some serious blood pressure as you plow through a troll blockade to achieve Thoughtful Post Nirvana. Since Mythic has (wisely) declined to host original forums, several sites have rushed in to fill the gap. Two of the biggest and best-known WAR forums are Warhammer Vault’s forums and the Warhammer Alliance forums. Other sites boasting friendly and frisky forums include Chaos War Host, Warhammer Conflict (which go beyond just the salt-and-pepper forum setup), WAR-RvR.net, Warhammer Geek, and Warhammer Gamers.


It’s hard to host a podcast about a game not out yet, but two sites have taken stabs at it so far: the excellent Warhamma podcast (which is sadly on haitus, but is still worth listening to the archives), and the new Podcast of Reckoning.


Truly we are living in an age of the wiki. For those uninformed, a wiki is an online encyclopedia — usually devoted to a specific subject — that any registered user can edit. Right now we’re seeing three Warhammer Online Wikis stepping up to the plate in an effort to create a massive, comprehensive database of everything Warhammer and WAR: Hammer Wiki, MMO Wiki’s Warhammer, and Conflict Wiki. Check them out, and if you like what you see, then log in and help them create a great wiki!

So hopefully, that should give you a good launch point for your daily WAR obsession. While I know we probably left out a couple sites or blogs, it wasn’t done intentionally or to promote any one site over another — please let WAAAGH! know if you have a WAR site that needs to be fawned over!



  1. Great post! Thanks for the lurv! 🙂 You might also want to include:

    * Ten Ton Hammer – Forum/News/Exclusives

  2. Really good post. Kind of bummed that you didn’t put Warhammer Conflict in your “news” section though. After all, we were voted the top English-speaking site to get your WAR news at The Greenskin. 🙂

  3. Wasn’t trying to slight or ignore anyone — Conflict is mentioned twice here. Just was trying to make the rounds.

  4. I gotcha bud! No worries. I posted this article at the news section at WHC. Good job!

  5. […] Read the whole thing here… Posted in Community News, Fansite News, General News | on May 12th, 2008 by Orlock Bloodthorne […]

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