Stop Following Me

May 11, 2008

This isn’t strictly Warhammer Online related, but since it ended up being one of my top 10 moments in MMO gaming, I had to share.

I asked my wife yesterday what type of leader I was — made, born or had it thrust upon me. I asked because I, for some reason, end up in leadership roles in almost everything I do, even though I tend to be an introvert and quite content with following other (much better) leaders. This was kicking around in my head ever since my other WoW guild asked me to be an officer the other day.

I said yes, sure, mostly because it was a very small group of friends recovering from a guild split, and I have the free time right now to help out. They know I’ll be moving on to WAR, and that’s okay. So as I assume a new leadership role, I was asked to take a group of guildies to Blood Furnace.

One of our guildies, Mouse, is my eternal foil in the game. We’re always sniping and barking at each other, out of friendship and a constant desire to one-up each other. She’s never been to BF, so she asked to follow.

Keep in mind: me, leader. Me, not always responsible. Me, a druid.

“Sure,” I say, as I lazily start running in circles to see if she’d follow (she did). Quickly, I banked right and jumped right off a cliff, falling a little bit before hitting my instant druid flight form. I spun around, hanging in mid-air as happy as you please, and there it was. One of my top 10 favorite moments:

Mouse, on her cat mount, jumping off the cliff and obviously realizing that it would be a bit more of a fall than anticipated. “$#@* YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!” blasted through vent in my ears, before she hit the bottom, got swarmed by mobs and killed in record time.

I don’t think I stopped laughing for about ten minutes. Who says you can’t make great memories in these games?



  1. I was in a DAoC guild called (the) Muppets and we, on one very entertaining night decided to do drinking games over ventrillo.

    Only problem was, that no matter how random the games turned out to be our principle healer, MrHeals, consistently lost and any attempt at doing a raid degenerated into racing the rams from one spot to the next (looser to drink o/c).

    Highly recommended for the general stupidity of it all, we eventually got to the level that anyone drinking from cans had to open it over the mic to make sure no-one was cheating.

    This rule was dropped for Mr Heals…

  2. Haha, great story.

  3. A great moment for me also involves WoW and jumping. It was some time after 2.3 (since I was working on my Belf Pally) and was in a PuG BRD group. This group had two with experience, and three who were obviously new to the game, or just inexperienced. I had just came back to the game after being away since pre-TBC (raiding is boring, why I’ve left WoW again).

    So none of us have the key, I totally forgot how to even get the BRD key, and we were at the bridge, where the door closes to form the bridge. The group had been going badly, mostly because of n00bs and the one experienced person other than me was a totally prick.

    So there we are, our path blocked, can’t crossed the bridge, open windows, and we walked out the window on the left side, which you can actually float in air while standing out there. What happened next I wasn’t expecting. Noob1 goes and jumps out the window, I am assuming to follow us, thinking we were going to jump down, and falls, then gets attacked by the group mob of Dark Iron Dwarves at the bottom and dies. But just having seen that, Noob2 goes and does the same thing. Now, just having seen 1 and 2 go and jump and die, what does Noob3 do? That’s right, goes and jumps out the window to their death. I didn’t even have time to type because I was laughing so hard. So was the other experienced player.

    It was just a priceless moment you had to be there to fully appreciate. Needless to say, that was the end of the PuG BRD, and a good reason I only do BRD and most instances in guild groups. It’s hard to go from an experienced guild group with intelligent adult players to a PuG group where 90% of the time you just want to kill the other players. I don’t look forward to finding a good guild in WAR, it will be an epic struggle.

  4. Heh that’s funny man!

  5. Ah yes, that moment will live on in my mind forever. 🙂

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