Living La Guild System Loca

May 9, 2008

April’s WAR Newsletter was all about guilds — a much anticipated facet of the game, particularly with the promised guild beta starting this summer. WAR promises to boast a huge suite of tools and a vibrant guild structure, as is fitting a game where players will almost need to be in a guild to derive the game’s full potential.

You can watch a podcast on the “Living Guild System”, read up on them in this month’s Grab Bag, or just skim these highlighted notes — and then check out my thoughts following:

  • Guilds will require a minimum of six people to form (going to a capital city to do so), and no maximum guild population is set
  • There will be a guild store that requires money to buy from; likewise, a guild can ask for dues from members
  • Up to 10 titles/ranks can exist in a guild, fully customizable
  • Earned guild rewards include: custom heraldry, guild cloaks, guild-only transportation, merchants with unique crafting components, banners and banner tactics
  • Unique guild heraldries can be applied to both cloaks and banners
  • There will be guild vaults
  • Guilds can earn ranks (like characters) to gain rewards that benefit both the guild and the players, in both PvE and PvP situations
  • Every activity a player does in the game helps their guild advance in levels
  • They promise “robust tools” to help guild leadership organize and run their guilds, including integrated messenging, automated news, and guild calendars
  • Guilds play crucial roles in the overall campaign, which includes capturing keeps, forming alliances with other guilds, and engaging in capital city capture
  • Small guilds will have access to the same features as large guilds
  • Guild rewards can be permission-based
  • The guild system will automatically demote an inactive guild leader (of 30 days or more) and promote the next highest officer to that position
  • Alliances are formed with up to 10 guilds banding together, each guild contributing an alliance leader and alliance officers
  • Guild banners are earned at a certain guild rank, and can be customized with trophies
  • The guildie who holds the banner is the Standard Bearer, and while they are holding the banner, they cannot use abilities and tactics on the battlefield
  • Guild banners grant guildies nearby a morale bonus, and lets the Standard Bearer use special abiltiies (such as granting a speed bonus or knocking back enemies)
  • Banners can be captured in RvR
  • Guilds earn guild tactics, which can be slotted into the 3-slot guild banner
  • Guilds can eventually have up to three unique banners available at any one time
  • Only guilds can claim and control Keeps — although anyone can attack them

For those of you who are used to “going it alone” in MMO’s — soloing all the way to the level cap to prove that you can make it, baby! — WAR all but demands that you take a serious, hard look at joining a guild. Trust me, guilds aren’t as scary or demanding as you might imagine. Sure, there’s the midnight virgin sacrifice every fortnight, but it’s more of a Rocky Horror Picture Show sacrifice, so don’t sweat the murder charges.

I’ve always said that my stay in other MMO’s would have been considerably shorter had I not been in a good guild. MMO’s are social monsters, and to know that you’re not alone, but that you have the support and fellowship of good friends… that gives a game a deeper layer than you’ll ever know elsewise.

Aside from the company and the joy of banding together for a bit of ultraviolence, WAR is upping the ante why you should consider guilds. If you currently are or are planning on being a guild officer, then most likely you’re already drooling over the guild tools (like the calendar, extensive notes, messenging) that other games like WoW could only dream of. But what would a WAR guild offer the lowly neophyte?

Since WAR is all about realm vs. realm conflict, realm pride is a crucial part of the game. Realm pride makes you feel like you “belong” — just like you would to a sports team or any social group. Breaking it down further, when you join a guild, WAR wants you to feel strong pride and identity with that guild. Guilds are essentially small armies, each with their own theme and logo to set them apart. You have all banded together for battle, and as much as you contribute to the success of your guild, your guild opens up all sorts of options previously unattainable to you.

Look at it this way: guilds are the difference between driving your standard, economy car, and cruising around in a souped-up sports car. You are still driving, but your experience is radically upgraded. Guilds will offer players all sorts of goodies, such as a guild store, guild vault, tactics, Tome unlocks and so on. On top of that, you have to admit that it sounds a lot more fun to get together with your friends to assault and capture a keep, benefiting from your guild banner bonuses, than to just be a solitary player joining a mob, yet feeling isolated from them.

I think many players will experience that “something special” moment the first time they’re with a guild that captures a keep and gets to witness their own guild banner flying off the keep’s walls. In a very real way, you are claiming and owning a part of the game world, instead of merely existing alongside of it. How can you not want to be a part of this?



  1. There’s something enjoyable about the freedom you have when unguilded. You can play on your own schedule and your own terms. That said, my WoW experience was made all the worse because I decided to play solo rather than network with my guild. I lost the social elements of MMO gaming and narrowed my scope of achievement.

    I foresee a guild in my Warhammer Online future.

  2. I was always part of a guild in WoW, and at the end, a small group broke from a huge crumbling guild to form our own guild of friends. I loved the personal nature of the small guild, and would love it if just every one from the WoW guild came over, but so far none have committed, too many are still WoW players.

    But WAR is seeming to focus much more on larger guilds and making it sound like if you aren’t part of a large guild, you will be missing out on a lot of the game content and experience. Basically, it should like the raid mentality, but translated to RvR content. That’s rather disappointing. I don’t see how they are going to make it so a guild of 20 can compete with tha guild of 500 or larger.

    It just sounds like raiding all over again, impresonal, unfun, drama filled, raiding.

  3. If you see a guild in your future then join UnderSiege. We already have vent. We’re the most populated in the Darklands server. Forums. “And guild tabard.” Just kidding. Rofl. If you’ve played Closed or Open beta or Preview weekend then you should know about RvR PvP and Scenarios, which we hunger. So Keep Sieging, and eating order for breakfast is our thing if you’re interested. And there’s females. Rofl. I’m one of them. Hope you’re interested.

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