Amazon? WHYYYY!?!?

May 5, 2008

One thing I love to come home to, after a fourteen-hour work day, is an e-mail from Amazon.com that says,

We’re sorry to report that we have cancelled the item from the order you placed on March 26 2008 “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector’s Edition [DVD-ROM]” We cancelled this item from your order because we did not receive your approval for the delay we experienced in fulfilling your order.

That is like ten kinds of awesome, in a little awesome variety pack. WHAT!

A little more than peeved at Amazon — from whom I never got a notice saying I needed to approve the delay in the game’s shipping date — I re-ordered and tried not to grind my teeth too much. So this is just a heads-up if any of you have ordered the CE from Amazon: you might want to check your account and make sure it’s hunky dory today.

Mental note: “Amazon” is one of those words that gets really, really weird the longer you look at it.

Update: Apparently I’m not alone — a lot of preorders have been canceled prematurely by Amazon.



  1. Same here. Not happy with Amazon.

  2. i also think they are toying with us with the release dates…

  3. I’ve had so many problems with Amazon and shifty practices that I never use them any more. They really, really suck.

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  5. Yeah, that was a real nice message to come home to. I couldn’t run to Best Buy fast enough. But now that brings up another issue. I had already entered in my Amazon Open Beta code, if I entered in my Best Buy code, will they conflict and lock me out of the beta?

  6. This is why I always preorder at a store I can pick it up at, I have a local place in town that lets you pick up your preorders as soon as they get them in, this got me my copy of Smash Bros, as well as most my other preoders a day early. I’m so lucky to have a local video game place to preorder from.
    (They got a copy of Mario Kart Wii like, 3 days early, so I went over and played it then lol)

  7. On May 4th I got a very different email from Amazon:

    “We are writing about the order you placed on March 30 2008 08:01 PDT (Order# xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected:

    “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector’s Edition [DVD-ROM]” [DVD-ROM]
    Estimated arrival date: 10/02/2008

    They never asked me to confirm a delay or anything like that. However, they still have not emailed me any special codes for preordering so who knows. I’m also an Amazon Prime member if that makes any difference.

  8. @Ted
    I was waiting for an email reply as well – its not coming. You have to go into Your Media Library – the codes will be waiting there for you. I never even knew that folder existed, but my codes were waiting for me when I cracked it open.

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