Da Newz – May 1

May 1, 2008

Beta Ticker Update: 677,318 (+6,599 from last week)

Quote of the Week: So, if you’ve been reticent about PvP combat, or ignoring Warhammer Online because of it, it’s about time you stop doing so and start getting yourself ready – [WAR] is coming, and it’s going to change absolutely everything.” ~ CVG

Big Story of the Week: “The April Newsletter” Days before the official announcement, pages and contents from the official WAR site were mined, and you can go ahead and check out Paul’s Video Blogs, Scenarios 101 Part 4, Eataine Overview, the Beta Journal, the Grab Bag and the Guild Podcast. The highlight of the newsletter? Huge chunks of info on the “living guild” system!

Plug of the Week: Two up-and-coming WAR wikis need your help to fill in content, so get ye over to HammerWiki and MMO Wikis Warhammer to do your duty!


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  1. I need that dignity because I have none of my own! Muahah!

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