WAAAGH! Design Feedback

April 29, 2008

Part of me — the part that isn’t a banana smoothie-craving freak — is prone to forever tweaking projects I’m working on toward perfection. I’d like to ask you guys today to give me a bit of feedback about the design of WAAAGH!, as I really want this blog to be as visually pleasing as the basic WordPress templates allow.

What I’d like to know from you (please leave your answers in the comments section):

  • Is the blog too “dark” (gray text on a darker gray background) to read comfortably?
  • Is the text too small?
  • Should I be looking at a different template that has darker text on a white or light-colored background? Or a template that has whiter text and a darker background for better contrast?
  • Do you like the current header image?
  • Is WAAAGH! well laid out, giving you all of the info and links at your fingertips, or is there anything missing?
  • What would you like to see featured in WAAAGH! in the future?

Thanks in advance!



  1. I think the little about you on the top right hand side the text should be a bit larger. I do like the colors since it gives it that dark and grey Destruction type of feel to it. It would be nice to see some selectors at the top just below the header image that are the categories on your side bar. So Recent Posts, Archives (maybe at the end) Blogroll, stats, top posts all on the top as different buttons.

  2. I just found this site today, and I have no qualms with the design. I mention I am new here to annunciate the fact that I had no time to get used to the layout. I like the images and dark background. One thing is I wish there was an easier way to search for related articles. Perhaps little tabs for sections with same/similar tags?

  3. Needs to be wider.
    And needs more pictures.
    And give away beta keys.

  4. > I personally find it readable and visually appealing.

    > I like the text size but if I’m ever without my glasses, I can always increase it with CTRL++ in Firefox!

    > It really comes down to personal preference and you’ll never please everyone. I’m a fan of simplicity and clean, white space, but other people like the darker, more graphically rich layouts. I think this is fine to be honest!

    > I think the header image could use a bit more vibrancy in terms of colour and brightness. Right now it’s pretty muted. The content is great, but I may be a little biased.

    > I can do a more thorough analysis later, but off the hop I notice you only have three categories. I haven’t nailed it down perfectly on my site yet, but I try to fit each article under a main category (or two) then use a few more common keywords (tags) for stronger definition. E.g., A news story about WAR goes in the Game News category while a news story about EA Mythic or a competitor goes under the Industry News category. If that news story contains an interview with Paul where he mentions a contest, I’ll give the story two tags: Interviews and Contests.

    I then list my primary categories and secondary tags on my main page so if someone is interested in reading about only Game News, they can click the link and my page will omit all other entries. The same goes for people looking for interviews or contests. They just click a link from my tag cloud.

    > For such a short period of time in the WAR blogging game, I think you’ve been doing really well, so just keep it up! One thing I have trouble doing is keeping my posts a bit shorter because most people don’t have the time or attention spans to read a 5,000 word essay. A couple of your posts have fallen into this trap as well, so maybe splitting up an idea across several posts is a viable solution. Also, we could both add a bit more imagery to our articles to get across our points. A picture really is worth a 1,000 words!

  5. I really appreciate the comments! As I said, me is new at this, at least trying to do it semi-professionally, and it’s interesting to discover what blogging shares and what blogging holds unique to other forms of writing, such as newspaper and column journalism.

    I just implemented the categories yesterday, and I’m sure there will be more in the future. I just don’t want to clutter that up too fast.

    I looked at a couple other templates, but I think I will stick with this one — I love the look, the header and the layout. I just wish the text was a tad bigger, but I’ll check into doing that.

    No beta keys to give away, alas. Wish I had one for myself. I’ll try for more pictures and some shorter articles as well.

  6. Good stuff!

    Since your blog is hosted on the WordPress servers, I think you can pay them $5-10 and they’ll give you access to edit your theme’s stylesheet (CSS). Once you can edit your CSS, you’ll really be able to customize things (font-size, colours, column width, etc.)! πŸ™‚

  7. My only compliant is either increase the text size a bit, or make the font slighter brighter. Or both. I use a Dell 2407fpw and its kinda hard to read it. I like the dark color scheme though.

  8. First and foremost great site no matter what. Someone has already stated that it is a personal preference. He also stated that one can not please everyone. But you dang well better please this one…. πŸ˜‰

    I do like the feel and tone to the site visually. Would agree that it could be just a bit wider.

    Now to the header image. It seems to light and also only has gobo’s pictured. I feel it should be a little darker to go with the over all feel for the site. Besides it should have Orc’s pictured mayhap with a gobo under his foot. πŸ™‚

    Anyhow this be my 2 coppers worth. But again thanks for your time and effort you put into this.

  9. I think the body text is maybe slightly small. Most of the links on the side actually get pushed down a bit too far to be useful — most aren’t even on my screen until I start scrolling due to the “about” block and search block.

  10. First off, I love your blog. I’ve been following it for a while, but this is my first comment πŸ™‚ Here are my two coppers on the design.

    >>>Is the blog too β€œdark” (gray text on a darker gray background) to read comfortably?<<>>Is the text too small?<<>>Should I be looking at a different template that has darker text on a white or light-colored background? Or a template that has whiter text and a darker background for better contrast?<<>>Do you like the current header image?<<>>Is WAAAGH! well laid out, giving you all of the info and links at your fingertips, or is there anything missing?<<>>What would you like to see featured in WAAAGH! in the future?<<<

    More video links! Me likey videos.

    Keep up the awesome work, man.

  11. Ugh, my comment got screwed to hell.

  12. Most has been said, most relevant feedback that i have read are:

    – main body text a bit small
    – Vibrancy of the header image
    – low number of categories (i’m not a huge fan of the tags thingy)

    In the reply section it the poster of the comment is below his text in very small font.

    What I like very much is the Grey on grey. It is very different from of the other blogs and newssites out there on WAR.

    Keep up the good work. Your on my favorites list together with Tobold, Keen and Graev and The Ancient Gaming Noob.


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