Warhammer Fantasy 101

April 26, 2008

As the game approaches, many of you are eager to absorb the Warhammer culture and become educated in this rich fantasy universe, particularly if (like me) you’re relatively new to the scene. So where to start?

Instead of typing up a 500-page thesis, I got lazy and looked around the web for the best Warhammer 101 guides, FAQs and intros to bring you up to speed:



  1. Actually the lore section on my site was written by a member of the Warhammer Alliance community named NoneSuch! He’s quite knowledgeable about Greenskin lore (much more so than myself), and I wanted my guide to be comprehensive, so I asked for his help.

    Another hardcore Greenskin is Krulltak. Look either of them up on the WHA forums if you have specific questions! 🙂 Or me!

  2. PS. Awesome resource you have here! Thanks for posting all the links!

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