Da Newz – April 24

April 24, 2008

Beta Ticker: 670,719 (+7,394 from last week)

Quote Of The Week: “So, coming to the shows, especially shows like this that are not industry exclusive, half-academic nonsense, are absolutely critical to what we do.” ~ Josh Drescher, on the NY Comic Con

Big Story Of The Week – The NY Comic Con: Reports, videos and interviews are pouring in from the weekend Comic Con, where (once again) players got their mitts on the WAR beta — and no NDA for that sort of thing! Warhammer Vault gathered up a lot of tidbits from fans who attended (including armor for mounts!) and Josh Drescher wraps things up in his blog.

Breaking News: This morning word is popping up all over the place that Mythic is sending out Guild Beta invites! This doesn’t mean that the Guild Beta will begin today, just that the invites have gone out. (As reported by Warhammer Geek, WHA Forums, and the WAR VN boards)

Random Plug Of The Week: WAAAGH! is almost a side project in my writing life — for over 11 years now I’ve been the webmaster of Mutant Reviewers From Hell, a cult movie review site that’s been covering the more offbeat, odd and delightfully strange flicks out there. We have an excellent staff of ten crazy folks who work hard to bring great material, and we invite you to head on over and check us out while you wait for WAR!


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