Happy One Month Anniversary!

April 18, 2008

It snuck up and slid on by me, but a few days ago WAAAGH! saw its first month’s anniversary, and with it, the continued hopes of mankind.

Okay, maybe that’s a tad too pretentious. I know it’s just a blog (and a blog about something that we can’t play at the moment), but I just wanted to break from our scheduled routine to take a brief look at how things are going. I’ve never ran a blog before, and what started a month ago as a casual side project is now… well, a casual side project that I’m updating almost once a day. We don’t have a huge readership yet, but the readers and comments we’ve gotten mean a lot, and it’s great being part of the friendly WAR community.

I realize that I haven’t touched on the Warhammer Online gameplay proper for a good week now, as various topics and issues compel me to jot about them when interest arises. Don’t fret, I have months of material mapped out, and there will be a lot of speculation and analyzing in our near future. I just don’t feel rushed right now, and I think that’s a good thing. As much as I — and you — want WAR to be released, there will only be one pre-launch period we’re ever going to get, and there’s some fun and excitement to be had with that.

I was thinking last night about the possible futility of doing a WAR blog. On one hand, whatever voice I might have will only shrink as we get closer and then cross the release date. More blogs will come out, more major WAR sites will arise, and the pond will get bigger by the day. Yet you get something special with blogs you can’t get with the major $$-funded game sites, which is that unique voice, that unique perspective. WAAAGH! isn’t here to compete as a news hub (I like doing Da Newz as a service, but it’s not our centerpiece), nor as a WoW Insider catch-all blog. It’s just the outpourings of an enthusiast who will hopefully be enjoying this title for years to come.

Stay tuned for next week — we got some really special features planned! And a free baby marmoset to the first one hundred readers!



  1. You picked me up as a reader when I got an update from you a while ago from my google alerts. And you’re not alone in not talking about many WAR issues, it’s prerelease, the magical time when anything in the game is possible

    Really? Only one month? wow, I didn’t realize this blog was that new, huh.

  2. Yeah we’re still a baby. Thanks for reading!

  3. Grats. I had no idea you were that new either. I think I saw you mentioned at, maybe, it was Warhamma podcast site. Can’t remember. But part of my daily reading.

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