Da Newz

April 17, 2008

BETA TICKER: 663,325 (+8,354 from last week)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Warhammer was invented by a loaded of weirdos in England with patches on their jumpers and scruffy people with long hair.” ~Paul Barnett

BIG STORY OF THE WEEK: Mark Jacob’s WAR Beta Q&A over at Warhammer Herald. I’ve been pretty impressed with how much Mythic’s been communicating with the fans over the delay and beta process, and these seven questions, while nothing radically new, help to answer the multitude of closed beta, guild beta and open beta questions out there.

This week’s odd “I’m not sure if this is news or not” comes from Warhammer Vault. I, like many others, use Google Reader to track numerous blogs and to alert me when Warhammer news hits. On early Tuesday afternoon, it flagged an article entitled “The Art of Saying Nothing During an Interview”, which started “Mark Jacobs has two sides. One side challenges people who accuse him of something false or speak erroneous ‘facts’ (and I do love reading…” The rest of this was concealed until after the jump, so I clicked the link and… there was nothing there. No article, no post, nothing. The link for the story went here.


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