What I’m Playing These Days

April 14, 2008

As a part-time graduate student and a full-time worker, also with a wife and a house that wants to fall apart on me, you’d probably imagine I have no time for games. Not entirely true — although my gaming hours have scaled way back than they used to be in the past. Gaming’s important to me, not just as a passion, but also as a stress-reliever. My life is replete with stress, and to know I can get away from that and calm down while I steal 1,000 candles from the noggins of kobolds is of great relief.

So, what I am playing these days, as we count down to WAR?

World of Warcraft is the biggie. I don’t know when we’ll ever cancel this account, which both my wife and I share. Since it’s being paid for and I’m in a couple good guilds, I feel compelled to keep playing, even on the days I’m not so hot about it. The problem is that end game for me just sucks the fun out of the game, unless I’m grouping up with good friends in an instance, and I’ve leveled up most every class I find fun.

Been having some on-the-side fun with Ikariam, which is an ongoing Civilizationy thing that plays in real time. Basically, you start a town on an island, building up your community while you trade with and compete against other towns and other islands. It only requires a few minutes a few times a day to keep it going, but there’s a fun satisfaction to be had.

Otherwise, I putter around in Super Smash Bros. against my wife, who always plays King Dedede because she can swallow me up and spit me off the sides of ledges.

May’s coming, and with it both Age of Conan and Mass Effect. I’m extremely excited about another Bioware game, especially one so well reviewed. Conan is a big mystery to me. On one hand, it’d be great if I tried it out and discovered a really fun, addicting time. If it surpassed expectations. It would give me an alternative to WoW for the summer, which would help me from getting all burned out on WoW at the same time. But my problem with starting new MMOs is that I approach them with the mentality of being in them for the long haul. If I’m playing Conan knowing that in a few months I will, 100% for certain, be switching to WAR, then it dampens the fun quite a bit. I’m debating getting it at all, or just sitting back and being patient for WAR.

Another future issue I’m struggling with is the assured spot in Open Beta once it hits, due to buying the CE. I know I’ve talked about this before, and come down on the side of “waiting is better when it comes to betas”, but then again I wrote that before the whole delay hit. If I get the e-mail in early June of beta acceptance, then I can’t envision being so patient as to resisting the urge to try it out. Other than getting to explore it early and filling up the boring summer months, the main justification I can see for doing WAR beta is to sample each of the races and classes, perhaps limiting myself to the starting zones ONLY — a self-imposed leveling cap designed to save a chunk of the game for later on. When WAR launches, I’m going to have only one (perhaps two) main for a good long time, at least until I hit the level cap and end game. Then I’ll branch out into alts. So I really want to know what class will be the most interesting and best fit for me.

Other games I wouldn’t mind playing: Mythos (if a character wipe wasn’t an issue), EvE Online (if it was free), Magic Online v.3 (if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg for all those cards).

So that’s about it for today’s filler post. How are you doing? Want a duck?



  1. You write an entire article about what you’ve been playing, post a munchkins card and don’t even say anything about munchkins? for shame

  2. Munchkins speak for themselves. Any words I might put forth would only sully their excellence.

  3. Thats my dilemma too. If the open beta is going to last all summer and into the fall whenever release will be, then I want to try all the classes/races to see what I like best. On the other hand if open beta lasts 3 weeks before the CE head start then whatever, I need to find something else to occupy my time.

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