Imperial Inquisition – Keen of Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog

April 8, 2008

In a first in a series of interviews talking with WAR community leaders, the Imperial Inquisition takes a long, hard look at Keen, of Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog and Warhammer Vault.

WAAGH!: Tell us a bit about yourself — your handle/screen name/real name, age, real life occupation, your previous MMO experience, and your play style.

KEEN: My name is Doug “Keen” Lundberg and I’m 23 years old. Currently my occupation is “Student”, which sounds real bland I know. My experience with MMO’s reaches back almost thirteen years. I first started playing MMO’s with The Realm (back when they referred to MMO’s as “graphical MUDS). I suppose I can also credit The Realm as being my first Beta experience because I spent several months testing and submitting feedback before their public release. After The Realm I moved on to Everquest where I spent a few years grinding and… grinding. Then I moved on to Dark Age of Camelot where for the first time I experienced PvP, how it should be, in the form of RvR. From there I’ve played the big titles like Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, and most other MMO’s in between.

My play style has changed greatly over the years. I’ve gone from being a hardcore PvE raider who was completely anti PvP (admittedly I was afraid of it) to a hardcore realm pride driven PvPing machine and back again. That’s why I think MMO’s are so great and only getting better. I’m able to play them however I want.

WAAAGH!: What type of social play do you gravitate towards: soloing, participating in small guilds/small groups, or participating in large guilds/large raids?

KEEN: I somewhat answered this questions above. Overall I favor group play. I enjoy medium-large guilds where everyone knows each other and the people are all there for the same reasons. I never enjoy soloing anymore. If I’m playing a multiplayer game I want to play with other people. Single group content for PvE and as big a battle as possible in PvP — those are my preferences.

WAAAGH!: What motivated you to get involved with the WAR community and how did you go about doing it?

KEEN: I was already looking forward to the original Warhammer MMO that was in development before Mythic was given the IP. Once Mythic stepped in it was a done deal for me. Being such a big fan of Dark Age of Camelot and really connecting with the style of game that Mythic sets out to make made this a no-brainer for me. My Blog has also been a very big part in my WAR community involvement. I write a lot about what I’m playing or planning to play. Warhammer has obviously sparked a great deal of excitement for me and that energy has a way of attracting others. And lastly I volunteer my free time over at the Warhammer Vault. I have been a Moderator over there for over a year and working as a volunteer contributor a long time. The vault community has been my community of choice since DAoC and I’ve been attached them them ever since. I guess you could say everything just fell into place.

WAAAGH!: What are some of the more notable trends you’ve observed in the WAR community since you’ve been active in it?

KEEN: The WAR community knows what it wants and will push and shove and bite until they get it. There are a lot of passionate fans out there hoping for WAR to be “the next big thing”. One of the more notable trends I’ve observed is definitely this communities ability to go with the flow, even if there are a few waves. Release date push backs, surprises with stealth, features being left out or not the way they were expected, and plenty more hurdles aren’t going to stop this community.

WAAAGH!: Did you play Dark Age of Camelot (or do you still), and what did you like/hate about it?

KEEN: Yep I played Dark Age of Camelot for a few years. If it’s not obvious, my nickname comes straight from the Lurikeen race and a character that I used to play. The best part about DAoC: RvR. The worst part about DAoC: The PvE. The RvR is obvious so I’ll leave that one alone for now. The PvE was just really lacking. It was unpolished and lacking substance I still question how I was able to get so many level 50’s.

WAAAGH!: What PvP experience do you have, and what are your general feelings on it?

KEEN: I love PvP – or more specifically RvR. (Several RR6+ which used to be impressive… many years ago) I’ve been really into PvP since DAoC and feel that no MMO experience is truly complete without it.

WAAAGH!: What faction (order/chaos) do you plan siding with when the game releases, and why?

KEEN: WAAAGH!! Greenskins all the way. Who wouldn’t want to be a Goblin?

WAAAGH!: What class(es) currently appeal to you the most, and are they similar or different to classes you typically play in other MMOs?

KEEN: All of the Greenskin classes appeal to me but right now I’m fairly certain I will be playing a Goblin Shaman. I usually play the support role or a DPS role. Lucky for me the Shaman is both.

WAAAGH!: What features of WAR have you the most excited to experience?

KEEN: I am definitely looking forward to city sieges, public quests, and overall RvR.

WAAAGH!: Did you apply for the beta, did you get into the beta, and have you pre-ordered the CE?

KEEN: I applied for beta no more than five minutes after their beta center went live. I am not currently in beta. *shakes fist* Yep, CE is all paid for and I have my codes in-hand. *pets them softly*

WAAAGH!: What concerns do you have for WAR’s gameplay and future?

KEEN: I’m worried that it will be dumbed down a bit too much. I want the gameplay to be dynamic and really involved. I’m also worried that Mythic will listen to the few and cater to them without considering the impact their actions will have on the many. That was a big problem with DAoC.

WAAAGH!: What will you be doing with your gaming time between now and WAR’s release?

KEEN: The thought of hibernation crossed my mind when I learned about the most recent delay. Since all attempts at that have failed I guess the only other option is Age of Conan.


  1. Great idea! Really good interview, too! I had no idea that Keen had a life! lol

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