Collector’s Edition preview

March 28, 2008

So. This past Wednesday. Two days ago. What’s now become known as “D-Day” — the day the WAR community fell to its knees, all Darth Vader-style, and went “NOOOOOO!” as we heard of the delay. I won’t admit that this news in any way depressed me, because then I’d be saying that a video game that isn’t even out has its claws sunk deep into my psyche and I should just fork over a couple thousand bucks for therapist fees right here and now.

So. D-Day. I’m plodding through it, looking at WAAAGH! and thinking of how I can stretch an exposé on squigs to last for a good five weeks. I don’t think I can, to be honest. My wife calls and we chat a bit, and I try not to cry too hard over the phone, as that is not seemly for a man to do concerning anything that’s non-relationship-related. But then I mention the WAR Collector’s Edition, and in a surprising move of coolness for a non-hardcore gamer, she gives me blessed permission to go ahead and plunk down a hefty chunk of change to secure my copy.

What can I say? It was a sucky day, but this made it suck far less.

I’ve been dying to go through the Collector’s Edition and Pre-Order details according to the website, but this week… man. Been getting slammed with huge WAR news after more huge news. I still have the March newsletter and Ten Ton Hammer’s massive WAR coverage… but one thing at a time.

So. The Collector’s Edition. Cost: $80. According to different official sources, only 50,000 – 60,000 of these puppies will be made, with a few more whipped up for Mythic’s use. You can order them through a local retailer or (as I did) online. The package will be about seven pounds and come in a rather large box. What does this treasure trove contain? Keep on reading!

A Games Workshop Pewter Miniature

I know Warhammer fans pay gobs of money for these things, and while I’ll never be playing tabletop Warhammer due to most of my budget going towards “gas” and perhaps “food” these days, it’s a cool addition to get an orc figure with a little goblin riding shotgun on his shoulder. However: “Assembly and painting required”. Ugh. Excuse me? I don’t have those microscopic paintbrushes! So unless I want to tie-dye mine, it’s gonna remain silver.

An Original Graphic Novel, aka “Comic Book”

It’s a 128-page full-color graphic novel, with six stories (one for each race) telling of the events leading up to the game. Actually, this’ll be nice as a prologue to playing the game, and I always need more material for quality toilet-time reading. Once I’m done with it, however, I’m sure I’ll probably never pick it up again. Same goes for the

The Art of Warhammer Online Book

Some folks go ga-ga for art books, and I guess if you’re picking up a CE you might be one of those people. I am not. Art in a book never feels right to me — art should be framed. If they could make it so the pages could come out and I could use them to wallpaper my nursery, then so much the better. 224 full-color pages for your light perusal.

In-Game Item: The Libram of Insight

Now here’s what I’m talking about! For me, CE’s are about two things: getting into the game early, and getting cool little in-game bonuses that wouldn’t be available otherwise. This Libram is pretty nifty: it gives your character a +10% XP bump for an hour (usable three times only), which will be nice for those slow leveling patches. I hope this will be available to every character I create.

In-Game Content: Quests, Rewards & Titles

These are all connnected: when you log in for the first time, your tome of knowledge will have one (or more) of twelve exclusive quests awaiting you, depending on your racial pick. Each quest has a unique reward and grats you a unique title. I really like this, because it’ll last me longer than most CE bonuses — every time I make a new character on a race I’ve never played before, hey, new quests! For instance, a dwarf quest will grant you a bottomless mug of ale (with a bit of a hangover).

In-Game Character Creation: 12 Unique Heads

Even better than quests are 12 heads available at character creation (one for each race/gender, presumably) — two of the heads I reposted to the right there. I love this! Having more choices during character creation is always, ALWAYS a good thing.

The Game Itself

But… y’know, we have an art book, so who’s going to have time to play?

Pre-Order Bonus: Access Into The Open Beta

Mythic’s idea of the Open Beta isn’t “open to all”, but rather “NDA is lifted”. We’re obviously not at that stage yet, and unless I can’t resist temptation, I won’t be doing beta for fear of ruining my virgin WAR experience at launch. Still, it’s a nice option to have.

Pre-Order Bonus: Live Game Head Start

There she is, in all her beauty: “live game head start”. More and more MMOs are doing this these days, and it’s a wonderful thing — get a jump on the horde of other players, grab the names you want for your account, and experience the newbie zones before a mob of newbies descends. It’s been confirmed that this head start is more than just one day, although we have no idea how long. I really liked LOTRO’s head start, in which we got two weeks (I think) to get our characters going, but we were level capped. It helped to spread out the players a bit and relieve congestion on launch day.

Pre-Order Bonus: In-Game Items

Finally, there’s a couple more in-game items from the pre-order: a “portable camp” (neat!) and a ring that does some additional damage per hit. The ring is nice, but I assume not that nice and will be replaced early on in the game. The camp, however, might be a great little RP thing: fun to take your home with you everywhere you travel.

That’s it! So is my $87 well-spent? I think so, but in a half of a year, I guess I’ll know for sure!



  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who dropped the money. I went with the Amazon.com pre-order so I get to do +spirit damage with my exclusive ring.

    My question is the head start wont be all that grand for me if it’s only a few days due to shipping concerns. That is unless Mythic/EA makes sure that at least the CE edition of the game is shipped early to be in your hands the day of launch (crosses fingers and throughs a few pious words Sigmars way)

  2. Well written article, now i might buy the CE myself since i like the part about the jump start to the game – and a portable camp could be useful if it starts raining! But i think that $87 is a hefty sum – will have to decide.


  3. I too went and bought the game. Went to Gamestop and ordered so I can go pick it up in person and don’t have to wait/pay for shipping. I’m pretty excited about everything in it, I hope they make the box easy to open because I’m one of those dorks that likes to keep all the boxes 🙂

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