Da Newz – Delay, CE & March Newsletter

March 26, 2008

Beta Ticker: 624,388

Without a doubt, this has been the busiest news week concerning WAR since I started WAAAGH!… um… two weeks ago. If it continues at this pace, as current trends predict, I might as well hire on a full staff of forty Fozzy Bears to cover the press. I just need the tomatoes to pay them with.

The big news starting off is, surprisingly enough, not the Collector’s Edition, but the aforementioned delay in WAR’s release until “autumn”. Expect to see that word — “autumn” — used about a billion times between now and then as people speculate on the release. Remember, Nmutua is Autumn backwards. I’ve already discussed the delay at length as has Mark Jacobs, so if you need more perspectives, shall I call on my color-challenged friend Mr. Greenskin or my navy buddy Commander Keen or Doc Heartless? I think I shall.

Update: GameSpy scored an interview as well as WarCry with Mark with yet more questions about the delay. Read at your heart’s peril.

After licking your wounds over that announcement, at least there’s a silver lining or two to this whole bloody mess: the Big, Mega, Super-Duper, Spectacular, Peachy Keen announcement of the Collector’s Edition and the Pre-Order over on the main site. Although I promised to talk about it today, there’s really so much here that it warrants its own special article (so stay tuned!).

If that wasn’t enough, the March WAR Newsletter is either here or on its way, depending on your sources. You can get your fill here or here or here (or just sign up to get the newsletter delivered to your inbox already!). Do you have a question about guilds that you want answered by a WAR dev? Only-WAR.com is taking all comers in an effort to cull a few good queries for a future newsletter!

To keep things more succinct than last week, here’s a roundup of other notable WAR news:

  • The Grouchy Gamer scored an exclusive interview on March 13 with WAR’s Community Coordinator, James Nichols. James reports that the WAR beta (and non-beta) community has been “awesome”, discusses how they’ve been doing the “Focus Betas”, the high number of beta applicants, learning about Warhammer lore, and various aspects of his job.
  • Play has a nice WAR preview – nothing too new, but well-written and a good briefing for those not in the WAR know.
  • The Europe Press Site Event has drawn out a lot of new info, and WHA forums are there to summarize it all for you. What caught my eye? If you’re a really exceptional player, your home city might erect a statue of you!
  • Ten Ton Hammer has a good FAQ on Keeps and Sieges.
  • Keen and Graev’s Goblannoyed #0 – get in while the getting is good!
  • I’m never gonna give you up, I’m never gonna let you down.
  • Warhammer Vault posted a classy High Elf wallpaper for you to enjoy.
  • Two new Dev Diaries to digest! In “The Writing of WAR”, Matt Daniels discusses how a character’s backstory is layered, how they incorporate the lore, and how they make backstories relevant to all the races. Destin Bales munches through “The Pre-Production Process”, where an astounding 10,000 pages of content goes through various stages to make it in the game.
  • 16 new screencaps at WorthPlaying!
  • West Karana muses “What can beta leaks tell us about upcoming games?”
  • Mark Jacobs confirmed that there will be NO lifetime subscription (such as a one-time fee to play as long as the game is alive) for WAR.
  • Greenskin’s Forum Watch for the week!

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  1. You could also watch some warhammer online videos http://warhammeronline.tv – will keep you entertained until the game hits the shelves

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