To Beta Or Not To Beta, That Is The Question

March 25, 2008

With the expected announcement of the Collector’s Edition tomorrow and the pre-order offer to get a foot in the door of the beta, a lot more future WARions will have to ask themselves: do I really, REALLY want to get into the beta, especially if the chance is sitting right before me?

For many people and certain species of hummingbirds, the answer is “What are you KIDDING? Of COURSE yes!” They hunger, they can’t wait, their patience is finite and the sweet nector of gameplay is an irresistible siren’s song.

I am planning on preorder the CE for sure at this point, if only to get a jump start on the live servers right before the release. However, I’ve had to struggle with the temptation of joining in with the Open Beta before release. As much as I really do want to get playing WAR, you do make some sacrifices by joining up with the Beta Squad (formerly BetaMax):

1. Any characters you make and grow attached to have a very limited lifespan — I hate making characters I know will be wiped. I’ve been in the Mythos beta for months and have a hard time playing it, not because it’s dull (it certainly isn’t!) but because I loathe losing a character I’ve poured time and effort into.

2. You forfeit the innocence of your first day live server WAR experience for something that’s, in my opinion, lesser. You won’t be playing a final build, you will be taking away some of the elements that make the first real day such a rush, and what information you may have gained will be just as easily attainable after the game comes out.

I’ve been in my share of betas, and I’ve always regretted that I caved in and joined the WoW open beta a few weeks before launch. My first day in the beta was magical for many reasons, but like sampling the forbidden fruits of carnality before you say “I do!” at the altar, I robbed the main event of its full impact.

So, barring another lapse into temptation, I’m going to elect to remain outside of the beta and just wait for the early jump onto the live servers (whoops… almost typed “liver servers”, which might be higher in iron but lesser in gameplay). While I’ll have to wait until then to write about my first-hand experiences in WAR, I think it’ll be okay — there’s more than plenty to jaw about between now and then.



  1. Kudos to our resolve. I will be jumping into beta for the simple reason that I want to try some of the different Chaos characters. I’m not sure what exactly I want to devote my time too (torn between an Orc Choppa and a Dark Elf Disciple).

    I always hate loosing any type of progression (read: rollbacks suck) but since I’m not privy to any of the gameplay outside of blogs I don’t want to spend the first month playing a class that is not fun for gameplay or gimped simply because it’s what I started and I’m attached to it.

    Temptation may be the root of all evil but, ignorance and it’s bliss only last as long as it takes you to learn something.

  2. Point one and two are extremely insightful and representative of my WAR beta experience. Add a number 3 stating that I can’t write about anything I experience in the beta, and you’ll begin to realize why I haven’t much touched The Greenskin blog of late… 😦

  3. […] Ten Ton Hammer discusses “Why Beta Testing Isn’t Important: The Dark Side of Beta”, about whether or not it’s a good idea to join the WAR beta. Hm. Sounds familiar, don’t it? […]

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