Exploring The New WAR Website; That New Car Smell!

March 24, 2008

As the clock ticks down over at Warhammer Online Europe (to the presumptive Collector’s Edition/Preorder announcement), the colonies’ Warhammer Online website received a major overhaul this week. Thanks to Keen for first bringing this to my attention!

Heads pop right and left as we try to keep up with this sweeping torrent of Warhammery goodness, so let’s take a brief tour around the updated WAR site and see what’s what:

1. The main page (aka “Home”) has most definitely shifted from “promotional” to “functional” in looks and accessibility. Most all of it now fits on my internet browser at 1280×1024 resolution without having to scroll down for the menu, etc., which is a very nice change indeed. Underneath the flash-y headlines, there’s a succinct news box with links to recent WAR articles and updates. The sub-menus on this page concern themselves with “News” and “Game Overview”. “The Armies of WAR” pages are cleaned up and given a lot of the info we’ve been seeing lately.

2. The WAR Herald has now been smoothly rolled into the Warhammer Online site, and gets its own huge menu button top center. It shares the looks and functions of the rest of the site, and seems to be taking on the job of posting to external articles and news stories as well. Sub-menus are “WAR Herald” and “Community”.

3. There’s a mysterious “Coming Soon” sign covering the third big menu button, but we can make out the first two letters as “RE”. Release… Realms… Reserve… Regis… so many possibilities.

4. The Pre-Order page is …sorta… up.

Dev James Nichols said, “ Glad you’re all excited about the new look as we are. It was a huge undertaking and the Webteam did a great job! There’s hundreds of links to get working and I can’t promise they’re all up yet from making the switch. We’ll look into getting everything tip top as soon as possible if we find something missing!”

So all in all, this is spiffy, nice and maddening. Maddening because, as I’ve said, it’s another step that had to be taken before release, and it opens the doors to loads of future WAR website additions. If I recall, WoW did a complete website overhaul when it neared release as well (and one sometime after that).

Since this week looks to be anticipating many hefty info-chunks, I’m going to deal with these major stories as they come and leave the smaller stuff to our Thursday “Da Newz” update.


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