The End Is Coming! The End Is Coming!

March 21, 2008

Or… something. But when Warhammer Europe posts a big-ass countdown on their front page, the hairs on the back of my neck perk right the heck up. Keen speculates that it might be info about release, the CE box, NDA drop or the pre-order box — all of which are valid, and we know for sure that we’re going to find out about the CE and pre-order boxes next week.

As of this writing, the timer has 4 days and 19 hours to go, which puts us at next Wednesday morning, EST. If you need to join in with the speculation, Warhammer Alliance and the Warhammer VN Boards are doing a great job.

Here’s a copy of the pre-order card that you’ll get:

That’s it for me this week — see you all next Monday!


One comment

  1. I would love for it to be a release announcement, or even setting a date for the NDA to end, but their recent comments make me think it may just be release box info. Still, I live in hope! Great blog btw!

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