Be Ye Encouraged!

March 20, 2008

I really, really wasn’t planning on writing so much on WAR this week — chalk it up to beginning blog excitement, finding out that it’s a lot more fun to cover this stuff than I thought it would be, encouragement from the WAR community, and the gobs of info that have landed in our laps as of late.

Ever since I was a little kid, if I was excited about something coming up — Christmas, a vacation, summer break, whatever — I’d get this nervous, fluttery feeling in my stomach. Since covering the news between yesterday and today, I’ve felt that feeling like crazy. Perhaps it’s premature to say this, but, what the heck, I love going out on a limb:

I think WAR is going to release soon. As in, “within the next two months” soon. I’ll call it here: June 1st.

Why would I be so rash to say this? What would my rash say about this? I think we’re seeing some serious indicators in the past couple weeks:

  • Mark Jacobs mentioned how lowering a game’s NDA expresses the developers’ confidence in the upcoming product (4 weeks is a rule of thumb for a good release, up to 8 weeks for “very darn comfy”). I’d like to assume he mentioned this because they will be lowering the NDA at least four weeks ahead of WAR’s release, and perhaps that might be soon.
  • Out of the blue, we’ve witnessed a massive publicity push in the past week, most notably with GameSpy, IGN and the Warhammer Herald (Gamespot got a nice scoop on Feb. 15).
  • IGN commented that WAR is “nearly feature complete and highly polished”. This is, of course, their observations and opinions, but it’s not as if they’re idiots either.
  • We know now that info on the Collector’s Edition and the Preorder Box will be officially released next week.
  • Officially WAR is still committed to a Q2 (calendar year) release, although that is “set in mud”.

Now, I don’t want to get caught up in false hope, even if it is my own doing, but you have to admit that at the very least, Mythic is ramping up WAR’s public profile and making some moves that need to happen before release. They could very well decide to stick it to me personally and shove the date back — late summer, perhaps — to add more polish or overhaul certain systems that beta testers might be unhappy with. It’s all speculative here, but what else do we have to do right now?



  1. I’m going on the record with June 10th. 🙂

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