Pre-Release Burnout and The Game Plan

March 15, 2008

“But Syp, there’s no ‘game plan’, as it were! You don’t even like sports!”

What about badminton?

“Considering you just had to look up the correct spelling of it, I don’t think that’s proof of your fanatical devotion to the game of kings.”

Yeah, but ‘shuttlecock’ is a very funny word to say.


Hi guys, and welcome to another installment of me talking to myself! It’s how I stave off loneliness in a blog that (currently) nobody is reading. I thought that I should lay out my plan for the next few months, my reasoning for doing so, and why sales of shuttlecocks will skyrocket.

The most recent official word on WAR’s release date is “Q2 2008”, which is anywhere between April 1 and June 30. This time frame has been described by Mark Jacobs as being “set in mud”, and although EA Mythic hasn’t announced any further delays, they are reserving the right to push the release date back if WAR needs further polish and testing. There’s a heapload of pressure on the team to deliver a highly polished and fun experience, so I think it’s a good thing for any of us eagerly anticipating fans to get in the mindset that we simply might not see WAR until late 2008 — and if that turns out to be an overshoot of the actual release date, well, I like pleasant surprises.

However, this ambiguous release date poses a problem for WAAAGH!, which is simply: how much do I talk about this game before burning out on all the pre-release excitement? I don’t want to overkill, and if WAAAGH! is to be around to release and beyond, I better have a plan that delivers content to you the imaginary reader while also not making me too overanxious for a game that might be a half-year or more away.

So here’s what I propose: until WAR’s release, WAAAGH! will be updated twice a week. One post will be a news compilation of items of interest I find on WAR around the internet, and one post will be a commentary on various aspects of the game and IP. That’s not gobs of content for you, I realize, but it’ll keep me from going overboard while still pacing myself for the eventual goodness that is post-release play and blogging.

The one exception to this two-posts-a-week plan is if there’s a glut of new information or something big happens (such as the monthly newsletter, which deserves all sorts of coverage). Sounds good? Let me know!



  1. Blogging in the lull before your game of choice can be a trying experience. I’m currently between mmos waiting for WAR as well and I feel blogging about my daily dose of Super Smash Bros or Call of Duty 4 would bore my readers to tears. So, to tide me over I browse the industry news and write my opinion on the daily happenings.

    Whatever works for you will work for your readers. I’ll be sure to check back daily. 🙂

  2. Officially reading, officially on my google reader, officially think it’s all a good idea. Turn it into the WoW Insider version of WAR lovliness (by lovely I mean bloody and stuff of course)

  3. Sound good!

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